LotTitle                 Price With 20%  

1.  Carl Block. Adam & Eve In Garden w Skull Face Jug. $450  

2.  Carl Block. Rooster. Candle-Opea. $150  

3.  Carl Block. Face Jug With Snake & Mini Jug. $180  

4. Lucien M. Koonce. Turtle #1. $150  

5.  Lucien M. Koonce. Turtle #2.   $90  

6.  Todd Hewell. Large Smiling Face Jug. $180  

7.  Jim. Six Blue Grass Musicians. $390  

8.  Wheeler. Blood Hound Face Jug. $660  

9.  Crystal King. Noah’s Ark. $360  

10Claude Miller. Devil With Snake Face Jug. $120  

11Bill Flowers. Melon Eater. $150  

12Bill Flowers. Early Face Jug. $210  

13Larry Wilson. Brown & Blue Spotted Rooster. $330  

14Charlie West. Aqua Green Rooster. $300  

15Jerry Brown. Dark Devil Face Jug. $150  

16Jerry Brown. Blue Cookie Jar. $120  

17Jerry Brown. Devil & Bearded Man Face Jugs.  $210  

18D.B. Garner. Salt & Glass Glaze Face Jug. $120  

19Joe Reinhardt. First Face Jug - Wood Firing. $180  

20Joe Reinhardt. Mr. Moto The Sumo. $330  

21Joe Reinhardt. Face Jug With Tongue Sticking Out. $150  

22Joe Reinhardt. Snake Handle Ring Jug Tea Pot. $240  

23Albert Hodge. 4 Color Swirl Devil Face Jug. $180  

24Albert Hodge. Devil With Snake Jug. $180  

25Albert Hodge. Two Color Swirl Face Jug. $210  

26Albert Hodge. Man With Face Jug & Dog. $360  

27Albert Hodge. Night Bandit. $360  

28Albert Hodge. Melon Man. $330  

29Albert Hodge. Blue Eyed Devil Face Jug. $150  

30A.V. Smith. Chinese Red Devil Face Jug. $240  

31Karen LaBarge. Devil Snake Jug. $150  

32Clint Alderman. Large Dbl Face Candelabra. $390  

33Roger Corn. Large Double Face Pitcher. $360  

34Marie Rogers. Pair Of Figural Busts. $210  

35Marie Rogers. 3 No Tears In Heaven Face Jugs. $330  

36Marie Rogers. Sitting Man. $150  

37Marie Rogers. Pair Of Large Face Jugs. $240  

38Marie Rogers. Pair Of Snake Jugs. $360  

39Marie Rogers. Six Pint & Half Pint Face Jugs. $360  

40Michael & Melvin Crocker. Indian Prince w Snake Jug.$360  

41Michael & Melvin Crocker. Early White Indian Face Jug. $150  

42Michael Crocker. Five Gallon Grape Decorated Jug. $630  

43Michael & Melvin Crocker. Indian Prince #38. $210  

44Matthew & Harold Hewell. Four Utilitarian Works. $150  

45Matthew Hewell. 3 Large Sorghum Jugs. $300  

46Grace Nell Hewell. Greg Maddox Face Jug. $120  

47Chester Hewell. Double Devil Face Jug. $270  

48Chester Hewell. Dbl Face Candelabra w Hooked Nose. $480  

49Chester Hewell. Lizard Face Jug. $180  

50Chester Hewell. Face Jug & Decorated Whiskey Jug. $300  

51Clete Jr. Meaders. 2 Face Jugs & 2 Utilitarian Pieces. $210  

52Cleater & Billie Meaders. 3 Traditional Face Jugs. $330  

53Cleater Sr & Clete Jr Meaders. Father & Son Face Jug.$240  

54Cleater & Clete Jr. Meaders. 2 Gen. Dbl. Face Jug. $210  

55Cleater & Billie Meaders. Big Face Jug. $300  

56Cleater & Billie Meaders. Dark Face Jug. $150  

57Jessie & Ruby Meaders. Double Face Jug. $120  

58John, A.G. & Cleater Meaders. Early Works. $150  

59A.G. Meaders. Tobacco-Spit Face Jug. $180  

60Reggie Meaders. Jug w Small Facial Features. $210  

61Reggie Meaders. Red Cone Rooster. $330  

62Reggie Meaders. Burnt Orange Face Jug. $210  

63Reggie Meaders. Face Jug w Tinyl Features. $300  

64Cheever & Arie Meaders. Butterfly On Morning Glory. $2,040  

65Arie Meaders. Grape Vine & Leaf Dec. Vase. $2,400  

66Arie Meaders. Grape Vine & Leaf Dec. Vase. $2,160  

67Cheever Meaders. Large Maple Syrup Jug. $1,800  

68Arie Meaders. Grape Dec. Wine Decanter. $1,140  

69Arie Meaders. Dogwood Flower Sugar Bowl w Lid. $600  

70Lanier Meaders. Lg Rock Tooth Wig Stand. $12,000  

71Lanier Meaders. Left Looking Rock Tooth Face Jug. $1,800  

72Lanier Meaders. Tall Thin Rock Tooth Face Jug. $1,080  

73Lanier Meaders. Blue Eyed Face Jug. $840  

74Lanier Meaders. Roman Nose Face Jug. $960  

75Lanier Meaders. Blue-Eyed Face Jug. $720  

76Lanier Meaders. Signed & Dated Face Jug. $720  

77Meaders Family (attrib). Grape Decorated Vase. $120  

78Edwin Meaders. Early Ash Green Rooster. $840  

79Edwin Meaders. Ash Glaze Rooster. $900  

80Edwin Meaders. Blue Rooster. $630  

81African American Stylized Face Jug. $7,680  

82J.L. Mathews. Rock Eyes China Teeth Face Jug. $1,920  

83George Ohr. Puzzle Mug. $1,200  

84George Ohr. Multi-Colored Sponge Glaze Tea Pot.$2,640  

85B.B. Craig. Pair Of Small Face Mugs. $300  

86B.B. Craig. Mini Early Face Jug w Triangle Teeth. $330  

87B.B. Craig. 2 Color Swirl Pint Size Face Jug. $180  

88Louis Brown. Lg Red Devil w Turned Up Moustache. $450  

89Louis Brown. Lg Red Devil w Curly Horns. $570  

90Brown Brothers. Sm. Early Red Devil Face Jug. $3,000  

91Louis Brown.  Face Jugs With Glass Drips. $480  

92E.J. Brown. Early Black Face Jug. $540  

93Evan Javan Brown. So. Folk Pottery Collectors Face. $300  

94James D. Hartman. Hummingbird & Flower Pot. $90  

95Billy Green Lyman. Blue & Green Glazed Face. $270  

96Billy Ray Hussey. Wake Up Call. $540  

97Billy Ray Hussey. Devil Jack O’Lantern.$390  

98Billy Ray Hussey. Devil Bank Wig Stand. $480  

99Billy Ray Hussey. Found On Mars. $120  

100Billy Ray Hussey. Roaring Red Lion, #48. $600  

101Billy Ray Hussey. 8 Handle Two Tone Vase. $60  

102Billy Ray Hussey. Red Fox. $600  

103Billy Ray Hussey. Smiling At The Wild Music. $540  

104Billy Ray Hussey. Winged Vase. $150  

105Mark Hewitt. Large 20 Gal Oval Jug. $720  

106Mark Hewitt. Large Umbrella Stand. $270  

107M.L. Owens. Pint Size Face Jug w Glass Drips. $120  

108Bobby Ferguson. Blue & Red Face Jugs. $180  

109G.F. Cole. Small Face Jug. $120  

110Charles Lisk. Three Jugs. $300  

111Vernon Owens & M.L. Owens. 3 Pitchers. $90  

112Walter Fleming. Lg Green & Blue Face Jugs. $210  

113Richard Kale & Jack Maness. Pair of Figural Jugs. $330  

114Thomas Chandler. Dec. Five Gallon Jar. $570  

115Edgefield. Five Gallon Storage Jar. $120  

116Cyrus Cogburn. Stamped Crock. $450  

117Aaron Johnson (Attrib). 4 Gallon Sorghum Jug. $270  

118Barrow Co. GA.  Dbl. Lug Handle 3 Gallon Jar. $120  

119Washington Co. Eight Gallon Jar. $780  

120R.A. Searles (Alabama). Heavy Monkey Jug. $390  

121Edgefield 2 Gallon Jar w Rare Dark Glaze. $240  

122Anonymous Middle Tennessee Rumlet. $150  

123Highly Decorated Pictorial Celebration Pitcher. $1,920  

124“Sambo” Head & Dog Body Homemade Fiddle. $1,080  

125Fred Wells Long. Whaler Fiddle w Scrimshaw Neck. $3,480  

126Fiddle Female Fiddle Player & Heart-shaped Body. $660  

127Bald Man Homemade Fiddle. $1,440  

128Carved Bearded Head Homemade Fiddle. $360  

129Buddy Rogers. Western Yellow Rose Of TX Fiddle. $180  

130Homemade Fiddles w Carved Female Heads. $900  

131Homemade Fiddles w Carved Lion Heads. $300  

132Homemade Fiddles With Female Busts. $600  

133Marriage Cane. $300  

134Eagle And Hatchet Walking Cane.  $540  

135Ralph Buckwalter Topless Mermaid Walking Stick. $390  

136Erotic Man Whirligig. $1,560  

137Lifetime Work Of Musical Instruments. $510  

138Matchstick Bass Musical Instrument. $660  

139Dutch Colonial Trade Sign Figure. $600  

140Pair of Handcarved Captain Chairs. $480  

141Colored World Champs Vintage Baseball Uniform.  $840  

142Southern Baptist Photographs. $360  

143Tramp Art Lady Liberty Mantle Clock. $1,320  

144Tramp Art Fine Bottle Whimsy. $960  

145Tramp Art Wall Pocket With Mirror. $1,440  

146Tramp Art Circus Wagon Toy. $660  

147Tramp Art Arch Topped Tramp Art Mirror. $720  

148Adelad Langevan. Painted Tramp Art Shelf. $150  

149Flash Art. 10 Tattoo Images. $420  

150Flash Art. Aloha Hawaii. $720  

151Flash Art. Four Sample Pages. $240  

152Barbara Sandler. Wades In Water. $660  

153Paper Mache Storefront Indian. $450  

154Albert Hoffman. Life Size Indian Warrior. $420  

155Albert Hoffman. Giant Cross. $120  

156Welded Metal Jesus On The Cross. $120  

157Life-Size African Slave In Chains. $9,600  

158Marc Chagall Etching. $3,240  

159Pablo Picasso. Vollard Suite XXXIV ‘16 Etching. $9,000  

160Charles A. A. Dellschau. Aero & Flanck Rondo. $19,200  

161Bill Traylor. Baby Chick. $43,200  

162Calvin & Ruby Black. “Evonne” Possum Trot Doll. $72,000  

163William Hawkins. Willard Hotel. $42,000  

164William Hawkins. Rhino. $22,800  

165Sam Doyle. Tough Lady. $15,600  

166Jon Serl. The Lecture... $8,400  

167Jon Serl. Crowning Queen Of Laundromat. $2,280  

168Domenico Zindato. Figures, Birds & Fantasy. $2,280  

169Mattie Lou O’Kelley. Morning Glories.  $5,040  

170Elijah Pierce. Guardian Angel In Garden. $30,000  

171Elijah Pierce. Standing Man With Magic Pot. $900  

172Uncle Pete Drgac. Cows, Bull & Birds. $960  

173Herbert Singleton. Klan Fight With Navy Men. $12,000  

174S.L. Jones. Bust Of Woman With Blue Eyes. $14,400  

175Minnie Evans. Two Angels. $1,440  

176Minnie Evans. Orange Face With Jewels. $1,800  

177Minnie Evans. Pink Dogwood Flowers. $1,680  

178Thornton Dial. Woman With Fish. $5,400  

179Thornton Dial. Man Holds The Bull. $4,200  

180Thornton Dial. Trying To Get Away. $2,640  

181Anselme Boix-Vives. Les Deux Portieres Lunaires. $4,680  

182Joseph Yoakum. Blue Mounds Highest Point.  $18,000  

183Joseph Yoakum. Hallago Land Area.  $7,800  

184Joseph Yoakum. Waterfall. $8,400  

185Joseph Yoakum. Columbia River.  $2,040  

186Frank Jones. Prison House with Clock. $4,200  

187Charlie Willeto. Tiger Jumping Through Hoop. $7,200  

188Carlton Garrett. T-Bone Sizzler. $1,920  

189James Castle. Bedroom Attic Interior. $15,600  

190James Castle. Orange House. $6,000  

191James Castle. Dream House With Yellow Roof. $5,880  

192James Castle. Block Patterns. $3,000  

193James Castle. Purple Abstract Figure. $3,600  

194James Castle. Patterned Landscape.$2,400  

195Myrtice West. Christ’s Seals Broken, #4. $24,000  

196Myrtice West. Ezekiel Chapters 35 & 36. $7,800  

197Nek Chand. Standing Man. $7,800  

198Nek Chand. Head Plaque. $840  

199“Grandma” Moses. So Peaceful.  $1,920  

200Anna Zemankova. Seeding Into the Wind. $3,600  

201Anna Zemankova. Flowers With Beads. $1,080  

202Eugene Gabritschewsky. Pigeon. $4,800  

203Howard Finster. Visions Of The Monsters. $9,600  

204Howard Finster. Eagle, King & Queen.   $7,200  

205Howard Finster. Adam & Eve Cyclorama. $3,900  

206Howard Finster. Visions Of Great Structure. $4,200  

207Howard Finster. Coca-Cola. $2,400  

208Howard Finster. Triple Pane Shadow Box. $1,800  

209Howard Finster. Right Facing Trumpeting Angel. $1,560  

210Howard Finster. Left Facing Trumpeting Angel. $1,800  

211Howard Finster. Howard In 1944. $2,400  

212Howard Finster. Elvis At 3 Years Old. $1,200  

213Howard Finster. Grandfather Clock Case. $720  

214Clementine Hunter. Caring For Elderly Man. $3,600  

215Clementine Hunter. Wash Day. $4,800  

216Sister Gertrude Morgan. New Jerusalem Courts. $3,600  

217Sister Gertrude Morgan. Self-Portraits. $600  

218Nellie Mae Rowe. Woman With a Parrot. $420  

219Josephus Farmer. Rebecca On Sunny Brook Farm. $2,400  

220David Butler. Cock Fighting Whirligig. $1,920  

221David Butler. Train Engine and Conductor. $9,600  

222David Butler. Wild Rose Snake Charmer. $720  

223Prophet Royal Robertson. Evil Wife.$6,600  

224Prophet Royal Robertson. Take Heed...$8,400  

225Prophet Royal Robertson. Beware Danger!$4,800  

226Prophet Royal Robertson. Keep Out Here.$10,800  

227William Dawson. Four Head Totem.$4,680  

228William Dawson. Large 3 Head Totem.$3,840  

229J.B. Murry. Spirits Swarming.$3,120  

230Woodie Long. Long’s Iconic Scenes.$4,080  

231Edgar Tolson. Unicorn.$2,040  

232Donny Tolson. Devil.$2,160  

233Linville Barker. American Buffalo.$1,200  

234Linville Barker. Large Pig.$1,560  

235Linville Barker. Large Cat.$840  

236Earnest Patton. Black Devil.$660  

237Earnest Patton. Adam & Eve With Serpent.$1,680  

238Carl McKenzie. Noah’s Ark.  $4,320  

239Carl McKenzie. Adam & Eve In The Garden.$600  

240Carl McKenzie. Two Working Women.$480  

241Carl McKenzie. U.S. Marshall & Wife.$300  

242Noah Kinney. House Cat.$660  

243S.L. Jones. Went To Jerusalem Holyland.$720  

244S.L. Jones. Man With Two Horses.$2,160  

245Jesse Howard. Untitled (Hell Cats).$5,400  

246Andrea Badami. Napoleone III.$1,920  

247Justin McCarthy. Viva Italia Ice Capades 1964.$7,800  

248Justin McCarthy. Berwich PA Water Gap.$1,200  

249Justin McCarthy. Sailboats.$480  

250John Roeder. Home In The Woods.$3,600  

251Victor Joseph Gatto. Planet Mercury.$360  

252Victor Joseph Gatto. Cave Man Fishing.$300  

253Victor Joseph Gatto. Pygmies Hunting In Jungle.$330  

254Rex Clawson. The United States Of America.$4,200  

255Rex Clawson. Oremus (The Wolf).$4,080  

256Gustav Klumpp. Brooklyn Bridge At Night.$10,200  

257Vestie Davis. Family At The Stoop.$2,520  

258Alverta Vesey. Lion Pride In The Jungle.$120  

259Lawrence Lebduska. Women On Rural Road.$180  

260Old Ironsides Pry. Papa-Land.$420  

261Old Ironsides Pry. Rodeo Clown & Cowboy.$360  

262Purvis Young. Warrior On Horseback.$780  

263Purvis Young. Black Warriors.$840  

264Purvis Young. Portrait With Halo.$1,320  

265Purvis Young. Three Trucks.$540  

266Purvis Young. Rainbow Horses.$3,120  

267Purvis Young. Dogfight With WWII Planes.$840  

268Purvis Young. Angels Among Chain Gang.$2,040  

269Purvis Young. High Rise With Crowd.$840  

270Purvis Young. 40 Page Book.$1,560  

271Dwight Mackintosh. Four Nude Women.$1,800  

272Dan Miller. Carpenter And Woodwork Etc.$1,920  

273Dan Miller. Abstract.$1,080  

274Frank Kernbeis (Austria). Four Figures.$1,080  

275Genevieve Seille. Owl.$900  

276Roy Ferdinand. Family Room.$2,280  

277Ted Gordon. Sea Shore Vagabond.$840  

278Ted Gordon. Passionate Politico.$1,080  

279Michel Nedjar. Figure With Four Birds.$1,140  

280Linda Anderson. The Apple Cut.$6,960  

281Linda Anderson. Thanksgiving Dinner.$6,240  

282Linda Anderson. Winter Scene With House.$3,240  

283Linda Anderson. Snow Scene w Horse & Sled.$840  

284Clyde Broadway. Like Kudzu.$660  

285Amos Ferguson. Black Dog & White Dog.$2,040  

286Amos Ferguson. Jesus.$2,040  

287Amos Ferguson. Family w Vase Of Flowers.$1,800  

288Gregorio Marzan. Jaguar.  $360  

289Ab The Flagman. Native American Man.$840  

290Ab The Flagman. American Flag.$1,680  

291Archie Byron. Mother and Child.$840  

292Archie Byron. Boy With Basketball.$240  

293Archie Byron. Small Business.$780  

294Simon Sparrow. Adam & Eve.$720  

295Simon Sparrow. Multi-Figures & Demons.$240  

296Simon Sparrow. Glitter Man.$240  

297Raymond Coins. Baby Doll.$840  

298Raymond Coins. Stone Woman In Big Dress.$1,560  

299Tim Lewis. Hippo.$840  

300Tim Lewis. Coiled Rattlesnake (A).$480  

301Tim Lewis. Coiled Rattlesnake (B).$480  

302Tim Lewis. Adam & Eve In The Garden.$960  

303Eddy Mumma. Extra Large Full Figure.$1,200  

304Eddy Mumma. Red Face & Hands.$960  

305Eddy Mumma. Figure With Hot Pink.$600  

306Jimmy Lee Sudduth. George Washington.$960  

307Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Self-Portrait w Heavy Mud.$960  

308Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Large Indian Princess.$960  

309Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Topless Girl w Guitar.$600  

310Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Woman w Polka Dot Dress.$480  

311Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Statue Of Liberty.$960  

312Jimmy Lee Sudduth. State Capital.$1,320  

313Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Art Carney.$480  

314Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Man Sitting In Chair.$1,200  

315William Dawson. Standing Man w Green Top.$720  

316William Dawson. Woman In Blue Dress.$720  

317William Dawson. Twin School Girls.$720  

318William Dawson. Flat Yellow Woman.$1,560  

319William Dawson. Bear Cat.$600  

320William Dawson. Double Face Pen Man.$360  

321William Dawson. Portrait Of A Woman.$60  

322George Williams. Man In A Black Suit.$300  

323George Williams. Woman With White Top$360  

324Louis Monza. South Western Navajo Scene.$240  

325Louis Monza. Baldwin Crossing Arizona.  $300  

326Louis Monza. On To Work. $900  

327Louis Monza. Children On The Beach.$480  

328Louis Monza. South Western Girl.  $90  

329Louis Monza. Girls On An Island.$420  

330Louis Monza. Story Of Pearl Harbor.$210  

331Louis Monza. The Artist Self-Portrait.$300  

332Louis Monza. The Arctic.$180  

333Eddie Arning. Couple w Geometric Patterns.$720  

334Eddie Arning. Turn On - Turn In - Drop Dead.$540  

335Eddie Arning. Motorcycle Crash.$840  

336Mary T. Smith. Praying Man On Yellow.$1,680  

337Mary T. Smith. Three Figures.  $1,560  

338Mary T. Smith. Deer.$1,440  

339Mary T. Smith. Two Couples.$960  

340Mary T. Smith. Come On.$1,020  

341Mary T. Smith. Who Is This.$1,080  

342Minnie & Garland Adkins. Black Horse.$1,200  

343Minnie & Garland Adkins. Striped Pole Cat.$720  

344Minnie & Garland Adkins. Possum & Babies.$1,680  

345Minnie & Garland Adkins. Red Fox.$1,680  

346Minnie & Garland Adkins. Lg Natural Wood Horse.$720  

347Minnie & Garland Adkins. Early Possum.$1,200  

348Minnie & Garland Adkins. Raccoon.$510  

349Minnie & Garland Adkins. Sm. Fox & Horse.$480  

350J.B. Lemming. Female Bullseye.$540  

351B.F. Perkins. A King Tut Treasure.$1,920  

352B.F. Perkins. Cherokee Love Birds.$1,200  

353B.F. Perkins. King Tut Treasure.$1,140  

354B.F. Perkins. Home Of The Brave.$360  

355B.F. Perkins. Miss Liberty.$1,560  

356B.F. Perkins. Flag Stands For Freedom$540  

357Simon Ross (1914-1984). Sunday Preacher.  $600  

358Simon Ross. Sunday Chorus.  $720  

359Fred Stonehouse. Kann Er Was? $660  

360Jack Savitsky. Village Of Mauch Chunk, PA.$1,140  

361Susan Slyman. Halloween Party.$300  

362Takashi Shuji. Black Vase & Bamboo Still Life.$14,400  

363Janet Munro. Old Time Country Store.  $360  

364Janet Munro. East Bay Market & Supply.$720  

365Janet Munro. Pair of Miniature Scenes.$420  

366Barbara Moment. Three Small Works.$1,080  

367Helen Smagorinsky. Summer Day In Country.$360  

368Thomas. Shoulder Greeting & Bob White.$3,480  

369Thomas. Siberias Thorns & Mother’s Day.$2,400  

370Thomas. Ancient Warrior & Worchester New Library.$3,480  

371Thomas. World East West & First Day In School.$3,360  

372Thomas. The Vatican & Pope Paul VI.$1,800  

373Orville Mills. Racial Balance.$330  

374Mamie Deschillie. Cowboy On Horseback.$420  

375Mamie Deschillie. Big Black Buffalo.$90  

376Mamie Deschillie. Circus Truck w Animals.$180  

377Mamie Deschillie. Pair Of Buffalo.$90  

378Felipe Archuleta. Bottlecap Rattlesnakes.$660  

379David Butler. Double-Sided Arrow.$330  

380David Butler Figure.$210  

381David Butler. Cross.$2,040  

382William Leroy Elliot. Man In Red Pants.$270  

383William Leroy Elliot. Lady In Blue Skirt.$90  

384Sarah Mary Taylor. Dolphin Quilt.$840  

385Sarah Mary Taylor. Foot Quilt.$960  

386Sarah Mary Taylor. Business Man Quilt.$840  

387Sarah Mary Taylor. Raccoon Crib Quilt.$540  

388African American Figure Quilt.$600  

389Pecolia Werner “P” Quilt.$210  

390Antique Quilt Saw Tooth Pattern.$480  

391Gees Bend Collaboration Am. Flag Quilt.$1,800  

392Bettie Seltzer. Gees Bend Ocean Waves Quilt.$1,920  

393Inez Nathaniel Walker. Bad Women Drinking.$600  

394Inez Nathaniel Walker. Double Portrait.$390  

395Inez Nathaniel Walker. Woman In Profile.$600  

396Inez Nathaniel Walker. Woman w Orange Profile.$480  

397Inez Nathaniel Walker. Girl In Yellow Blouse.  

398Bertha Halozan. Statue Of Liberty.$360  

399Mr. Imagination. Self-Portrait Screw & Brush Head.$1,020  

400Henry Ray Clark. I Am Elvira.$3,120  

401Henry Ray Clark. I Am Kylocak From Planet Star.$2,040  

402Augustus I. Riedel. Nancy Hanks Leaving Savannah.$2,040  

403Augustus I. Riedel. Lost Child Hunter.$480  

404Augustus I. Riedel. Stevedore 1890.$330  

405Augustus I. Riedel. Joe Brown Folklore Singer.$540  

406Augustus I. Riedel. Wood Sawyer.$360  

407Augustus I. Riedel. Ice Cream Vendor.$240  

408Augustus I. Riedel. Quarters Of Enslaved.$420  

409Augustus I. Riedel. Tenement.$510  

410Cornbread Anderson. 6 Guinea Hens.$1,320  

411Cornbread Anderson. Guineas & Quails.$1,080  

412Cornbread Anderson. Strawberry Patch. $1,200  

413Cornbread Anderson. Lg Brown Trout.$840  

414Cornbread Anderson. 2 Speckled Brown Trout.$840  

415Woodie Long. Seven Girls.$360  

416Woodie Long. Dancing w Holy Spirit.$600  

417Woodie Long. Four Works.$540  

418Woodie Long. 3 Girls w Watermelons.$480  

419Sybil Gibson. Woman Picking Wildflowers.$300  

420Sybil Gibson. Four Oval Faces.$180  

421Sybil Gibson. Rooster.$210  

422Sybil Gibson. Three Girls.$270  

423Sybil Gibson. Woman.$330  

424Sybil Gibson. Child’s Portrait.  $420  

425R.A. Miller. Four Early Works.$480  

426R.A. Miller. I Hate Man Large Devil.$420  

427R.A. Miller. Nine Works.$540  

428Leroy and Felipe Archuleta. Sheep.$660  

429Ron Rodriguez. Large Spotted Pig.$7,080  

430Joe Ortega. Orangutan.$180  

431Joe Benjamin Lopez. Figure e Gourd & Fish.$360  

432Jennifer Harris Behind The Park...$840  

433Sarah Rakes. Rembrandt Tulips.$660  

434Shane Campbell. Agnes.$720  

435J.J. Cromer. Bird Brothers.$840  

436Q. J. Stephenson. Prehistoric Art.$240  

437Mose Tolliver. Grey Hair Nall & Toothy Portrait.$360  

438Mose Tolliver. Four Early Nalls.$1,560  

439Mose Tolliver. Mose With His Women.$1,440  

440Mose Tolliver. Moose Lady.$420  

441Mose Tolliver. Snake & Bird Paintings.$600  

442Mose Tolliver. Four Self-Portraits.$1,020  

443Mose Tolliver. Pair Of Animal Works.$360  

444Mose Tolliver. 4 Erotic & Fauna Paintings.$420  

445Mose Tolliver. Statue Of Eve.$420  

446Stephen Anderson. The Water Witch.$90  

447Stephen Anderson. Sultana Roxelana.$240  

448Stephen Anderson. George Sand.$480  

449King Sport, Jr. Four Portraits.$150  

450Georgia Blizzard. Christmas Angel.  

451Steve Moseley. On The 8th Day.$660  

452Donald Mitchell. Group Gathering.$660  

453Donald Mitchell. Five Boys.$600  

454Donald Mitchell. 2 Figures In Upper Right.$660  

455Martin Rosenthal. Cityscape.$480  

456Martin Rosenthal. House Above Profiles$660  

457Martin Rosenthal. Fish & Faces.$480  

458Martin Rosenthal. 8 Faces w Hands Up.$540  

459Martin Rosenthal. Warriors.$480  

460Martin Rosenthal. Sleepy Eye Study. $720  

461Martin Rosenthal. Leaning Person.$240  

462Martin Rosenthal. Guitar Man.$390  

463Martin Rosenthal. Seven Figures.$360  

464Charlie Lucas. Matador.$1,080  

465Charlie Lucas. Family Portrait.$480  

466Charlie Lucas. She Don’t Have To Cry.$360  

467Charlie Lucas. Pair Of Faces.$180  

468Charlie Lucas. Woman With Do-Rag.$300  

469Annie Lucas. Moses Coming From Mountain.$180  

470Leroy Almon. African Band.$720  

471Leroy Almon. African Family.$300  

472Leroy Almon. Devil Round-Up.$600  

473Richard Burnside. King w Queens On Red.$960  

474Richard Burnside. King w 2 Queens On Blue.$720  

475Richard Burnside. 3 Kings On Brown.$360  

476Richard Burnside. Three Kings.$510  

477Richard Burnside. King On Red.$420  

478Richard Burnside. Early Abstract King.$360  

479Roger Rice. Over And Out.$180  

480Roger Rice. Yea, Though I Walk.$120  

481Roger Rice. Life Ain’t Been No Cystal Stairs.$300  

482Bernice Sims. Kurkland Bridge.$720  

483Bernice Sims. Friendship Baptist Church.$540  

484Bernice Sims. Lorraine Motel.$720  

485Bernice Sims. Brewton Train Station.$480  

486Bernice Sims. Church Scene.$540  

487Bernice Sims. Quilting Bee.$720  

488Bernice Sims. Cotton Pickin’.$540  

489Bernice Sims. Tent Revival.$720  

490Bernice Sims. Fishing In The Pond.$240  

491James Harold Jennings. Geek Boy.$960  

492James Harold Jennings. Rooster.$420  

493J.H. Jennings. Woman Whirligig.$840  

494James Harold Jennings. Tough Girl Whirligig.$1,080  

495James Harold Jennings. Wild Birds w Windchimes.$660  

496James Harold Jennings. Guitar Playing Whirligig.$600  

497James Harold Jennings. Noah’s Ark.$1,080  

498James Harold Jennings. Elvis & Wind Chimes.   

499J.H. Jennings. Angel w Signed Photo & Frame.$240  

500James Harold Jennings. Bird Hanging Art.$240  

501Anderson Johnson. Jesus & Mary.$240  

502Anderson Johnson. George Washington.$360  

503Anderson Johnson. Young Woman.$90  

504Anderson Johnson. Modern Business Woman.$480  

505Anderson Johnson. 3 Women & Sunday Best.$330  

506Mary Proctor. Pres. Addresses w Coca-Cola.$1,920  

507Mary Proctor. Raise Up A Child.$840  

508Mary Proctor. Self-Portrait.  $660  

509Mary Proctor. Can One Imagine.$480  

510Jake McCord. You Can Live Forever.$600  

511Jake McCord. House.$600  

512Jake McCord. Farm House w White Cow.$180  

513Homer Greene. Three Owl Totem$240  

514Homer Greene. Angel & Cedar Figure.$960  

51514 Figure Carved Wooden Family.$210  

516James Son Ford Thomas. Black Man w Afro.$960  

517James Son Ford Thomas. Sparkling Toad.$960  

518James Son Ford Thomas. Man’s Bust.$840  

519Gayleen Aiken. Batchelder Granite Co.$1,020  

520Gayleen Aiken. Kent Museum.$1,080  

521Malcah Zeldis. USA At War.$90  

522William Hawkins. Alligator & Lovers.$600  

523William Hawkins. Man On Wagon wHorses.$1,320  

524Clyde Jones. Pair Of Red Snakes.$240  

525Vollis Simpson. Cat & Bird Whirligig.$780  

526Vollis Simpson. Rooster & Bird Whirligig.$330  

527Vollis Simpson. Dome Whirligig.$240  

528Sulton Rogers. Preacher.$540  

529Sulton Rogers. Blue Man w Crutch.$480  

530Sulton Rogers. Woman’s Best Friend.$360  

531Sulton Rogers. Jazz Singer & Admirer.$720  

532Sulton Rogers. Inappropriate Doctor’s Exam.$660  

533Sulton Rogers. Horse Head Couple.$600  

534Sulton Rogers. KY Horseback Rider.$480  

535Sulton Rogers. Shooting A Gator.$300  

536Sulton Rogers. Man Finding His Way Out.$360  

537Sulton Rogers. Snake.$150  

538Sulton Rogers. Jonah & Whale.$270  

539Sulton Rogers. Shark Attack.$720  

540Andrea Joyce Heimer. Boy Drinking Pool Water.$960  

541Andrea Joyce Heimer.  Black Summer Party$600  

542Andrea Joyce Heimer. Thorn Out Of My Paw?$540  

543Clark. Farewell Jump.$180  

544Suzan Mick. Couple On Couch.$90  

545Suzan Mick. Texas Couple.$150  

546Justin McCarthy. Rochelle Hudson In Hawaii.$540  

547Justin McCarthy. Horse & 2 Foals.$420  

548Justin McCarthy. Cowboy w Herd of White Horses.$180  

549Lorenzo Scott. Self-Portrait.$900  

550Lorenzo Scott. The Scream.$360  

551Lorenzo Scott. He Washish Their Feet.$330  

552Alpha Andrews. Untitled.  $150  

553Fred Bowers. Sinking Of The Titanic.$210  

554Rosemary Pittman. Summertime.$120  

555Martha Gruenwaldt. Untitled.$270  

556Martha Gruenwaldt. Woman w Sunday Hat.$330  

557Zelle Manning. The Rapture.$180  

558Ned Cartledge. A Question Of Values.$1,140  

559Ned Cartledge. Sunflower.$120  

560Ned Cartledge. American Hieroglyphics.$120  

561Graham Eggleston. 14 Highly Decorated Fish.$1,200  

562Graham Eggleston. The American Flag.$960  

563Michael Murrell. Nude Woman w Animals.$150  

564Luster Willis. Family Gathering.$120  

565Luster Willis. Hog Killing.$150  

566Miles Carpenter. Root Monster.$150  

567Mary Barton Adams. Anson Jones & Wife.$210  

568Mary Jones. Industrial Feed Mill Scene.$180  

569Mary Jones. Home Town Street Scene.$12  

570Michael Harvey. Prelude To Macbeth.$330  

571D.D.  Grandpa And His Banjo.$420  

572Rosemary Pittman. Farm Hands.$60  

573Flo Moses. Stalking Tiger.$90  

574Flo Moses. Early Morning On The Farm.$60  

575Flo Moses. Turtle.$120  

576Steven ‘Red Mud’ Chandler. 3 Action Works.$180  

577Steven ‘Red Mud’ Chandler. 3 Works.$360  

578Steven ‘Red Mud’ Chandler. Portraits & Jugs.$180  

579Steven ‘Red Mud’ Chandler. 5 Works w Snakes.$330  

580Lonnie and Twyla Money. Noah’s Ark.$1,200  

581George White. Couple.$600  

582David Tinsley. Hunting Bear.$600  

583David Tinsley. Black Magic.$960  

584David Tinsley. Orange Bows.$720  

585Lonnie Holley. Crowned Prince.$660  

586Lonnie Holley. Face.$210  

587Lonnie Holley. Very Large Profile.$420  

588Lonnie Holley. Warrior Shield.$270  

589Lonnie Holley. Portrait.$300  

590Lonnie Holley. Long Abstract.$660  

591Lonnie Holley. Pair Of Wire Sculptures.$480  

592Lonnie Holley. Early Environmental Sign.$180  

593William Owens. Adam And Eve.$240  

594William Owens. Slicing Watermelon.$150  

595William Owens. Walking The Dog.$300  

596Juanita Rogers. Butterflies And Moths.$300  

597Juanita Rogers. Three Figures.$150  

598Miles Carpenter. Watermelon Sign.$420  

599Bessie Harvey. Root Face.$1,020  

600Bessie Harvey. Bupe.$960  

601Willie Massey. Bird House.$120  

602Prophet Royal Robertson. Dbl Atomic & Calendar.$720  

603Prophet Royal Robertson. We-7-Son & Calendar.$2,880  

604Prophet Royal Robertson. Hidden & Spaceships.$480  

605Doc Spellmon. Shadows Of The Cross.$240  

606Rick Borg. Two Cosmic Figures. $60  

607Rick Borg. Man With Sunflower.$240  

608Ionel Talpazan. Space Ships & Hearts.$720  

609Ionel Talpazan. Sun Over Space Ship.$300  

610Ionel Talpazan. Space Ship Attacks.$840  

611S.L. Jones. Couple w Dog In Pasture.$120  

612S.L. Jones. Fiddle & Banjo Players.$420  

613S.L. Jones. Woman’s Portrait.$270  

614S.L. Jones. Portrait Of Twins.$180  

615S.L. Jones. Couple.$180  

616S.L. Jones. Couple.$210  

617Sylvanus Hudson. Red Tulips.$480  

618Sylvanus Hudson. Red Tulips In Vase.$360  

619Sylvanus Hudson. Pair Of Works.$30  

620Billiards Score Keeper Game Board.$90  

621Tom Carapic. 3 Days Of Biggest Snow.$300  

622Andy Kane. Stranger In The Sun.$60  

623James Lancaster. Woman With Bell$300  

624Trudy C. Oppenheimer. Third State.$60  

625Johann. Adam And Eve.$840  

626Alexandra Huber. Wieso.$150  

627Alexandra Huber. Hot Bird.$120  

628Morris Okun. 2 Cut Out Figures.$240  

629Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Self-Portrait.$1,080  

630Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Tall Girl w Melon Skirt.$360  

631Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Erotic.$480  

632Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Oprah w Necklace.$840  

633Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Jesus Sermon OnMtn.$420  

634Jimmy Lee Sudduth. G. Washington.$1,680  

635Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Factory.$660  

636Jimmy Lee Sudduth. NY City River Front.$1,800  

637Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Bird w Sunflower.$720  

638Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Cat.$720  

639Purvis Young. Five Horses.$780  

640Purvis Young. Miles Davis.$960  

641Purvis Young. 3 Black Figures w Halos.$960  

642Purvis Young. Spirit Dancers.$510  

643Purvis Young. Horse & Rider w Crowd.$360  

644Purvis Young. Dbl-Sided Rainbow Dancers.$720  

645Purvis Young. Diptych City Scene.$480  

646Purvis Young. Steam Ship.$840  

647Purvis Young. People Scape Series #1.$720  

648Purvis Young. People Scape Series, #2$1,080  

649Denzil Goodpaster. Snake & Woman Cane.$30  

650Denzil Goodpaster. Shovel Handle Snake Cane.$90  

651Denzil Goodpaster. Pair Of Snake Canes.$150  

652Denzil Goodpaster & Other. Dolly & Santa Canes.$120  

653Denzil Goodpaster. D. Parton & Gator Cane.$120  

654Jack Savitsky. Mule Driver & Silver Creek Rd.$150  

655Jack Savitsky. 4 Works of Coal Towns.$540  

656Jack Savitsky. 4 Works of Trains & Families.  $450  

657Gerald Hawkes. Tree Of Life Matchstick Table.$840  

658Hawkins Bolden. Pot Face.$960  

659Albert Zahn. Owl.$960  

660Ivy Billups. Mermaid.$120  

661Bryan McNutt. Chicken & Pickin.$270  

662Tom Steck. King Snake & Crow Tree.$480  

663Nancy Gertrude Scott. July 4th Celebration.$300  

664Michael Banks. Flowers.$360  

665Michael Banks. Hand And Flower.$240  

666Levent Isik. Space Man.  $510  

667Levent Isik. Pair Of Gators.$390  

668Levent Isik. Mustang.$270  

669Anne Grgich. Three Portraits.$120  

670C.W. Conners. Snapping Peas.$840  

671Mr. Imagination. Pair of Royal Bugs.$660  

672Tubby Brown. Noah’s Ark & 20 Am. Flags$360  

673Tubby Brown. Noah’s Ark.$240  

674Tubby Brown. Hell Car.$600  

675Rudy Bostic. Julius Caesar & Cleopatra.$90  

676Rudy Bostic. Moses & Angel Of God.$90  

677Rudy Bostic. Group Of Three Works$180  

678Jesse Hickman. Deadbolt Devil.$720  

679Ronald Cooper. Going To Hell In Hand Basket.$480  

680Ronald Cooper. Ten Head Totem.$1,140  

681Ronald Cooper. Noah & Family Are Safe.$270  

682Ronald Cooper. Sammy Davis, Jr.$330  

683Ronald Cooper. Three Works.$240  

684Ronald Cooper. Jonah & The Whale.$300  

685Ronald & Jessie Cooper. Lazy River & Beach.$210  

686Junior Lewis. Tall Stick Devil.$90  

687Patrick Davis. Woman.$330  

688Patrick Davis. White Dogs.$180  

689Benny Carter. Big Pier Fire On The Jersey Shore.$540  

690Floretta Warfel. Farm Scene.$180  

691Max Romain. Untitled.$90  

692Milton Bond. Winter Moonlight, VT.$660  

693Brian Dowdall. Blue Bull.$120  

694Brian Dowdall. Pair Of Works.$150  

695Brian Dowdall. Angel w Dachshund.$300  

696Jesse Aaron. Cypress Knee Carved Head.$120  

697Buddy Snipes. Box Lot Of Early Works.$1,440  

698Calvin Livingston. Four Large Examples.$90  

699Charles Rabin. 15 Original Works.$300  

700Toby Ivey. Five Works.$840  

701Toby Ivey. Four Large Examples.$210  

702Mixed Artists. Box Lot of Fun Items.$510  

703Adam Berg. Six Works.$120  

704Ruby Williams. Three Paintings.$120  

705Artist Wright. 12 Works.$120  

706Mixed Artists. Chickens and Figurines.$360  

707Mixed Artists. 14 Face Jugs and Mugs. $540  

708Mixed Artists. 11 Mini Face Jugs.$720  

709Multiple Artists. Utilitarian Pots & Plates.$180  

710Mixed Artists. 18 Ceramic Animals.$210  

711David Bradley. Grad. Set of Five Face Jugs.$420  

712Josefina Aguila. Mud Clay Figures.$120  

713Mixed Artists. Fun Variety of Pieces.$90  

714Clyde Jones. Pair Of Wild Animals.$180  

715Joe McFall. Threesome Whirligig.$60  

716Joe McFall. Marcy’s Drive Through Bingo Whirligig.$60  

717Joe McFall. Hand Cart Whirligig.$60  

718Joe McFall. Uncle Sam & Banjo Girl Whirligig.$120  

719Joe McFall. Doggy Style Whirligig.$300  

720Joe McFall. Make Love To Melon Whirligig.$60  

721Joe McFall. Loving Watermelon Whirligig.$30  

722Joe McFall. Melon Blades & Erotic Whirligig.$60  

723Ed Larson. Willy Shoemaker.$210  

724 Large Secretary Desk.$480  

725Larry Hawkins. Twig Mosaic Grandfather Clock.$120  

726Larry Hawkins. Pair Of Twin Twig Head Boards.$180  

727Desk Secretary.$180  

728Hejaz Temple Bowl Game Trophy.$210  

729A,B,C,D Child’s Crib.$150  

730 WWII Folk Art Battle Ship.$300  

731Early Carved Female Figure & Jointed Puppet.$180  

732Tramp Art Medicine Cabinet.$540  

733Miniature Tramp Art Painted Chest.$390  

734Fine Whimsical Painted Tramp Art Frame.$270  

735John Martin Zubersky (attrib).Tramp Art Wall Shelf.$660  

736Tramp Art Mirror w Swirling Designs.$1,020  

737Casper L. Accola. Faith, Hope & Charity Mirror.$660  

738Pair of Tramp Frames w Pyramids.$1,020  

739Tramp Art Mirror Shelf w Lady Hat Pin Cushion.$90  

740Three Tramp Art Boxes.$540  

741Bold Tramp Frame w Pointed Corners.$540  

742Pair of Golden Tramp Art Frames.$840  

743Tramp Art Hanging Mirror-Backed Flower Pot. $120  

744Tramp Art Doll Dresser w Vanity.$180  

745Child’s Wardrobe.$60  

746Adelad Langevan. Tramp Art Clock Case.$300  

747Hanging What-Not Box w Drawers.$420  

748Tramp Art Hanging Cabinet.$420  

749Tramp Art Plant Stand.$180  

7503 Tramp Frames & B. Sims Painting.$330  

751Ball In Cage Ash Tray Stand.$120  

752Tramp Art Chip Carved Lamp.$150  

753African Am. Cigar Store Trade Sign.$1,200  

754African American. Early Female Bust.$120  

75521 Carved Busts.$210  

756Anonymous Carving. Brothers.$360  

757Confederate Soldier Carving.$600  

758Asian Pacific Island Tattooed Woman.$450  

759Black Jointed Limberjack.$600  

760Lifetime Collection of 41 African Am. Dolls.$1,080  

761Early Shoe Shine Box.$30  

762Bottlecap Stand With Ashtray.$180  

763Amish Restaurant Trade Sign.$210  

764Buddy & J.T. Hillburn. Watermelon Sign.$450  

765Double-Sided Worms Sign.$150  

766Lady Bending Over Yard Sign.$480  

7673 Dbl-Sided Carnival Knock Down Dolls.$210  

76810 Metal Fishing Gigs.$480  

769John Lowell Tredway. Nude w Interesting Imagery.  $420  

770Carved Masonic Angel.$210  

771R.E.J. Reclining Carved Wooden Nude.$210  

772Nude Woman Carving.$360  

773Unusual Guitar w 3 Built On Flat Instruments. $720  

774Franco Schwarz. Steel Head Fiddle.$120  

775Natural Wood Fiddles & Bows. $660  

776Flat Bottom Square Box Instruments. $960  

777Homemade Instrument. Fat Bottom Bass.$210  

77818 Dojos & One-Man Band Instruments. $780  

779Homemade Banjos $780  

780Western Guitar Case w Horse Bit Handle.$30  

781Pair Of Horse Head Fiddles. $240  

782Western Guitar & Cherokee Dulcimer.$360  

7835 Metal Homemade Hillbilly Instruments. $720  

7843 Country Bottlecap Instruments. $300  

78517 Fiddles With Bows.$540  

78618 Strange & Unusual Instruments. $780  

78730 Varnish Or Painted Fiddles. $600  

78814 Mountain Harp Instruments.$270  

789Three Animal Head Fiddles. $270  

7903 Animal Shell Instruments.$240  

791Toledo Symphony Co. Dolceola.$1,080  

792A. Prescott Melodions.$540  

793Dulcimer (Autoharp) With Stars.$90  

79428 Instrument Cases (no instruments). $300  

795Religious Cautionary Painting. Repentage.$270  

796Antique Memory Umbrella Stand.$510  

797Anonymous Memory Jug.$240  

798Pair Of Memory Jugs.$240  

799Mosaic Bird House.$60  

800Two Whimsey Bottles.$120  

801Sewer Tile. Pair Of Resting Lions.$390  

802Sewer Tile. Four Animal Sculptures.$360  

803Horacio Valdez. San Francisco.$7,440  

804Charlie Carillo. San Jose.$720  

805Frank Brito. San Benjamina.$1,200  

806Gustavo Victor Goler. Virgin Bulto.$3,600  

807Marie Romero Cash. Virgin In Blue Bulto.$900  

808Marie Romero Cash. Our Lady Of Rosary.$900  

809George Lopez. Saint.$600  

810Felix Lopez. Immaculate Conception.$1,320  

811Luis Tapia. Eve The Temptress.$840  

812Anonymous. Christi Anteprel.$1,080  

813Colonial Cross w Painted Virgin.$660  

814 Jesus With Glass Eyes On Cross.$360  

815Plaster Colonial Jesus On Cross.   

816Ernie Lujan. Jesus.$600  

817Colonial Cross.$270  

818Unknown Artist. Ecce Homo.$570  

819South West Spanish Friar Figure.$150  

820Anonymous SW Religious Form.$300  

821C. Robles Shaw. San Jose de Laguna.$330  

822Alcario Otario. La Mano Poderosa.$720  

823Anita Romero Jones. Eight Saints.$390  

824Jen.  Rabbit Hunter.$240  

825Marie Romero Cash. Blue Angel.$180  

826J. M. Cordova & M. Romero Cash. 3 Works.$480  

827Unknown Artist.  Virgin Of Guadalupe.$900  

828Unknown Artist.  St. Joseph.$210  

829Unknown Artist.  Ecce Homo.$720  

830Tarahumara Indian. Mary & Joseph.$60  

831Montoya. Nuestra Senora De Los Dolores.$60  

832Pair of Religious Works.$360  

833Early Crucifix.$240  

834Jesus On Cross.$30  

835N. Herrera & M. R. Cash. Religious Items.$420  

836Mary With Jesus.$30  

837Alex Sandoval. Saint With Angels.$180  

838Alex Sandoval. Pig and Rabbit.$240  

839Alex Sandoval. St. Lucas.$60  

840Innuit Pictorial Blanket w People Fishing.$360  

841Betty Manygoats. Horned Toad Wedding Vase.$480  

842Johnson Antonio. Navajo Woman.$60  

843Delbert Buck. Navajo Woman On Horse.$600  

844Delbert Buck. Transportation.$120  

845Wilford Yazzi. Nesting Crows.$120  

846Woody Herbert. Large Red Brahma Bull.$90  

847Dan Hot.  Big Red Felt Bull.$180  

848Woody Herbert. Long Horn Bull.$240  

849Navajo & Mexican Textiles$150  

850Five Indian Store Figures.$330  

851Pair of Native American Style Rugs.$180  

852L. Wilson & D. Pioche. Rug & Carved Figs.$60  

853M. Parkett. Hopi Kachina Dancing Wolf Doll.$180  

854Hopi Indian. Fig w Fox In Monument Valley.$30  

855Universal Statuary.  Indian Chief, #752.$90  

856Leland Holiday. Indian Chief.$60  

857Native Am. 25 Carved Stone Effigy Pipes.$1,320  

858Roger Armstrong. Indian Figure.$360  

859Michel Senvil. Happy Demon.$1,320  

860Edward Jean Capu. Haitian Food Stall.$210  

861Briss Abdlames. Untitled.$150  

862M. Manuel. Flowers In Vase.$450  

863D. Rouanez. Ceremony For Simbie.$420  

864J. Chery.  River Baptism.$480  

865Aittaz Arin Hamon (Morocco). Phoenix.$240  

866Hypolite Felizor.  Still Life w Fruit.$780  

867Fritzner Alphonse.  3 Ladies.$120  

868Roland St. Hubert.  Family w Snake.$180  

869E. Chavannes.  Wedding Scene.$120  

870Louisianne St. Fleurant.  6 Women And Birds.$480  

871Allan Zion. Field With Animals.$240  

872Allan Zion. Street Dance.  $420  

873Lionel-Paul Onel. Abstract Triangle.$360  

874Anibal Vallacis. Ritmo Vertical.$1,800  

875L. Maileph. Woman Holding Baby.$60  

876Marsha Raux. Family In Front Of Church.$120  

877Unknown Artist. Nudes In Jungle Water.$120  

878Maxon.  Mermaid Voodoo Flag.$420  

879Voodoo Flag.  Agarou.$780  

880M.P.  Erzulie Danthor. Haitian Voodoo Flag.$480  

881Valris. Haitian Voodoo Flag w Man.$240  

882Serge Jolimeau.  Adam & Eve w Serpent.$600  

883Serge Jolimeau. Loop Garoo.$1,200  

884M. Valades. Huichol Yarn Art.$180  

885Huichol Indian. Medicine Man.$150  

886Pair Of Molas. Animal & Abstract.$60  

887African Ceremonial Procession.$420  

888Dora De Larios. Holy Man.$120  

889Artwork from India. Snakes & Animals.$180  

890Art From India. Nine Works.$240  

891International Artists.  6 Ceramic Works.$60  

892Unknown Artists.  Four Drawings.$30  

893Levine. Ceramic Saddlebag.$7,800  

894Joe Fafard. Cow At Rest.$6,000  

895Joe Fafard. Cow & Pen Holder.$720  

896Michael Wood.  LA Landscape #42. $1,080  

897Darrell Hill.  Roadster.$240  

898Jose Luis Cuevas.  Kafka.$1,920  

899Nicholas Roukes.  Pair of Works.$30  

900Unknown Artist. Colorful Lightning Bolt.$90  

901Unknown Artist.  Abstract Post.$60  

902Camille Holvoet. Toaster & 3 Pieces Of Toast.$300  

903Judy Mulford. Studio Arts & Crafts Pot.$240  

904Contemporary Native American Staff.   

905Tadeusz Walter. Lidded Face Jar.$150  

906Andre Robillard. Pair of Birds.$1,200  

907Unknown Artist.  Three Men On Orange.$780  

908Unknown Artist. Portrait.$300  

909Arnold Schmidt.  Abstract Boy.$300  

910Unknown Artist.  Black & White Bird.$240  

911Rev. A. King.  Adam & Eve.$150  

912Susan Brown.  Last Supper.$270  

913Aurie Ramirez. Birth Of Venus.$30  

914Aurie Ramirez. Peace Dove.$90  

915Scott Griffin.  Roof Top$480  

916Scott Griffin. Super Heroes & Woman.$240  

917Scott Griffin. Ground Crew.$480  

918Clint Griffin.  Parachute From A Box.$120  

919Willie Harris.  Untitled.$150  

920M. Mayo. Black Head With Long Neck.$90  

921Martha Lane. Martha & Her Dogs.$840  

922Karl Mullen.  Standing Figure.$210  

923Tim Chess. Red and Blue Faces.$90  

924Tim Chess. Boy.$300  

925Tim Chess. Mother & Child In Blue.$60  

926Unknown Artist.  Day and Night.$300  

927Matt Sesow. Penetrate.$240  

928Jan Boyer.  Power Plex, Magnetic North & Cosmic.$300  

929H.R. Pulsehen.  Sad Huggers.$150  

930Sonny Lucero.  Jail House Bird.$150  

931Unknown Artist.  D.C. Couple.$150  

932David Olsen. Two Works.$60  

933Matt Lamb. Group Of Four Works.$270  

934 Assemblage With Eyeball & Fish.$150  

935Ron Rodriguez (attrib).  Crow On Andiron.$150  

936Garne. Multi-Figure Woman Root Sculpture.$360  

937New Mexican Artist.  Lg Speckled Trout.$300  

938Minnie Black. Large Man.$120  

939Fred Webster. Adam And Eve.$300  

940Fred Webster. Jacob’s Ladder & Punter.$300  

941Ralph Griffin. Ace Of Spades.$270  

942Ralph Griffin. Big Man With Red Cap.$240  

943Ralph Griffin.  Blue Face Stump.$60  

944Ralph Griffin. Three Works.$90  

945Preston Geter. Memories OfMariner.$420  

946Charlie Kinney.  Pur.ALKHUL (sic$180  

947Charlie Kinney. Grondin Mok Corn Bred (sic).$180  

948Charlie Kinney. Tar-Nado (sic)$330  

949Nate Parrish.  Three Works.$150  

950Flash Art. 4 Sample Tattoo Sheets.$840  

951Brenda Tacoma. 4 Flash Art Samples.$510  

952Willie Jinks. Seven Large Works.$450  

953Willie Jinks. I Gone.$150  

954Willie Jinks. Pair Of Works.$120  

955R.A. Miller.  Blue Shark.$240  

956R.A. Miller.  Lg Shark & 2 Sm.Works.$180  

957R.A. Miller.  4 Paintings & Elvis.$330  

958Jerry Coker. Mr. Prugenberg.$510  

959Jerry Coker.  Shamon #2.$90  

960Jerry Coker.  Marcel.$780  

961Jerry Coker. The Earl Of Tap.$240  

962Hubert Walters. King & Two Figures.$240  

963Willie White. 2 Green & 1 Blue Horse.$450  

964Willie White.  Geometric Block.   

965Willie White. 2 Black Horses.$270  

966Betty Benton Stiffer. Grandma w Children.$90  

967Mother & Child In Front Of Cabin.$30  

968Unknown Artist. Southern Farm Scene.$360  

969Nina Spencer.  Summer Day.$60  

970Nina Spencer.  Country Living.$90  

971Park Pegram Duffey III. Fruit Stand.$210  

972G.J.K. Some Gotta Win...$60  

973Marguerite Durham.  Cotton Picking.$150  

974Matilda Pennic. Daddy Selling Cotton.$150  

975Black Joe Jackson.  Help’n Out.$270  

976Black Joe Jackson. Portraits.$360  

977Black Joe Jackson. In The Fields.$390  

978The Beaver. Chief So-So.$180  

979The Beaver.  What’s Over There.$210  

980Jack ‘Mr. B’ Beaverland. Three Works.$90  

981O.L. Samuels.  Bad Dude $300  

982O.L. Samuels.  Muscle Man.$60  

983Willie Tarver. Man In Green Overalls.$60  

984Nathaniel Barrow. Dbl Sided Boy Scarecrow.$30  

985Michael Finster. City Of Atlantis.$150  

986Michael Finster. The Garden Of Eden.$90  

987Michael & Chuck Finster. Scraps From Past.  $30  

988Finster Family. Four Works.$240  

989Roy Finster.  Spirit Of Elvis.$120  

990Roy Finster. Living By Country Creek.$300  

991Frank Pickle. Garden Of Eden.$150  

992Frank Pickle. Garden Of Eden.$120  

993Frank Pickle. Devil.  $120  

994Mose Tolliver. Self-Portrait $540  

995Mose Tolliver. Scooter Girl.$300  

996Mose Tolliver.  3 Early Erotic Works.$420  

997Mose Tolliver.  Mother w Child & Bird.$360  

998Mose Tolliver.  Watermelon.$360  

999Mose Tolliver. Pair Of Works.$300  

1000Mose Tolliver. Cabinet w Birds & Surprise $720  

1001Mose Tolliver & Family. Eight Works.$540  

1002Mose Tolliver. Orange Bird w Mose & Willie Mae.$720  

1003Mose Tolliver.   Watermelon Slice.$600  

1004Willie Mae Tolliver. Tree House.$240  

1005William Thomas Thompson. Tree Of Life.$780  

1006Mitch Hamburger. Nightmares.$60  

1007Joe Light. Three Wild Flowers.$450  

1008John Toney. Multi-Colored Cow.$120  

1009Carl Dixon.  The War In Heaven.$210  

1010Aurence.  Angels & Fire.$60  

1011Herman Hayes. Five Totems.$600  

1012Rev. J.L. Hunter.  Tiger & Bird.$60  

1013Rev. J.L. Hunter. Statue Of Liberty.$780  

1014Howard Finster.  Mother Goose Cut Outs.$600  

1015Howard Finster.  Pair Of Angels.$450  

1016Howard Finster.  Dinosaur & Cheetah.$900  

1017Howard Finster.  Dino, Cheetah & Squirrel.$660  

1018Howard Finster. 3 Cut Out Portraits.$720  

1019Howard Finster.  Antiopolo.$330  

1020Howard Finster. Coca-Cola Sign w Faces.$1,200  

1021Howard Finster. Elvis At 3 & Restin Soul Plate.$660  

1022Howard Finster.  Three Cutouts.$1,140  

1023Howard Finster.  Large Clock Cases.$300  

1024Howard Finster. Clock Case w Clock.$600  

1025Howard Finster.  Clock Case.$450  

1026Unknown Artist. Spotted Leopard.$480  

1027J. Webster. Grazing Horse.$720  

1028Fred Kessler. Gator Sculpture.$180  

1029Knife With Tribal & Eel Decoy.$30  

1030M.C. 5¢  Jones. Man Fishing & Klan.$120  

1031Barry Simons. Untitled. $90  

1032Michael Andryk. Patron Saint of Divorce.$300  

1033Esparanza Espinosa. Mountain Homes.  $30  

1034M. Sine Sulle. Eiffel Tower & Market Scene.$90  

1035Unknown Artist. Street Scene.$60  

1036Emitte Hych. Monkey On Elephant.$90  

1037Carolyn Hall. Tennis Match. $240  

1038Carolyn Hall. Angel.$90  

1039John Anderson. Playful Pups$30  

1040Mark Casey Milestone. Fanciful Figure.$120  

1041James Harold Jennings. Bird House.$240  

1042J.H.N. Two Whirligig.$300  

1043Sitting Man With Staff.$120  

1044L. Obican. Flute Players and Face.$90  

1045L C Van Savage. Parish Tea, I & 2.$180  

1046Tobias Anaya. Trio of Works.$60  

1047Annie Wellborn. This Is A Bad Sign...$120  

1048Mixed Artists. Box Lot of Interesting Items.$540  

1049Mixed Artists. Ten Works.$1,140  

1050TX Chicano Inmates. 3 Black & White Panos.$180  

1051TX Chicano Inmates. 4 Colored Panos.$150  

1052Bad Ass Kass. O.J., Ronny & Ricky.$60  

1053Organ Grinder Music Box. Medinah Chanters.$360  

1054Wesley Willis. Rock Island RR & Chicago.$300  

1055W.B.Pair Of Pink Heads.$90  

1056Maylisa Jackson.  Duck Quilt.$180  

1057Maylisa Jackson.  Chicken Quilt.$300  

1058Victorian Crazy Quilt.$150  

1059Victorian Crazy Quilt.$240  

1060African America Quilt. $360  

1061Anonymous Old Quilt.$60  

1062Blue Diamonds Applied To Circle Quilt.$180  

1063Quilt. Stripped Pattern.  

1064Pictorial Cotton Quilt. Stereotypical Af Am Scenes.$4,920  

1065Henry York, APD & Unknown. 3 Canes.$60  

1066William Abbott Willard. Collection of Walking Sticks.$180  

1067Stix By Nix. Abe & Republican Elephant Canes.$120  

1068Jack Floyd.  4 Presidential & Face Canes.$180  

1069Two Snakes, Uncle Sam & Bird Canes.$60  

1070Tim Lewis & Unknown.  Animal Canes.$120  

1071Five Natural Wood Canes.$90  

1072Leonard Dishman. Jaguar & Woman Cane.$90  

1073Spiral Vine Cane w Man’s Head.$300  

1074Large Snake On Green Cane.$30  

1075Kenneth Dickerson. Rasta Man Cane.$60  

1076Four Carved Wooden Canes.$60  

1077Pulled from Auction   

1078Alfred Hair (attributed). Mangroves.  $270  

1079Alfred Hair (attributed). FL River.$360  

1080Alfred Hair (attributed). Early Evening.$360  

1081Alfred Hair (attributed). Orange Inland Waterway.  $480  

1082Rodney Demps - Highwaymen. Pier House.$120  

1083Sam Newton. Cranes On The Waterway.$840  

1084Sam Newton. High Tide On Rocks.$660  

1085Sam Newton.  Stormy Seas.$840  

1086Lemuel Newton. Yellow & Purple Sky.$360  

1087Lemuel Newton. Cranes In The River.$600  

1088Lemuel Newton. Yellow Sunset.$360  

1089James Gibson. Blue Lagoon.$360  

1090James Gibson. Black & Red Sky.$360  

1091James Gibson. Seagrass In The Atlantic.$330  

1092James Gibson. FL Bay In Gray & Yellow.$480  

1093James Gibson. Yellow Sky.$480  

1094James Gibson. Moonlight w Spanish Moss.$330  

1095John Maynor. Red & Yellow Sunset.$300  

1096John Maynor. Shack On Waterway.$180  

1097John Maynor. Pair of Cranes.$360  

1098Willie Daniels. Late Evening Red Sky.$360  

1099Willie Daniels. Palms By Breaking Surf.$420  

1100Willie Daniels. Breaking Surf.$600  

1101Willie Daniels. FL Inland River In Evening.$330  

1102Willie Daniels. Cluster Of Trees w Birds.$420  

1103Willie Daniels. Palms At Sunset. $300  

1104Mary Ann Carroll. Going Fishing.$480  

1105Mary Ann Carroll. Shack w Antique Auto.$480  

1106Mary Ann Carroll. Waves On Rocks.  

1107Johnny Daniels. Wild Hogs On Marsh.$720  

1108Johnny Daniels. Pink Sunset Sky.$300  

1109Johnny Daniels. Wild Turkeys.$450  

1110Johnny Daniels.  Palms & Dunes.$660  

1111Johnny Daniels. Wild Hogs Bathing.$300  

1112Johnny Daniels. Purple Poinciana.$480  

1113Isaac Knight. Sailboat On Horizon.$480  

1114Isaac Knight. Palms On Water.$420  

1115Isaac Knight. Red Sky Over Marsh.$240  

1116Myk Stalter. Blue & Orange Sunset.$240  

1117Myk Stalter. Weeping Willow.$90  

1118Myk Stalter. White Cap Poinciana.$90  

1119Myk Stalter. Purple Poinciana & Kite.$90  

1120Myk Stalter. Three Men In A Boat.$60  

1121Myk Stalter. Young Boy Fishing.$60  

1122R.A. McLendon. Poinciana Tree By Road.$960  

1123R.A. McLendon. Surfer. $360  

1124Curtis Arnett. Green Trees.$540  

1125Al Black. Birds Over Florida Swamp.$360  

1126Al Black. Spanish Moss.$240  

1127Al Black. Late Evening In FL Swamp.$180  

1128Al Black.  Approaching Storm.$300  

1129Al Black.  Pink Florida Swamp w Cranes.$330  

1130Al Black.  Reflective Trees In FL Swamp.$450  

1131T. Newton. Tall Palms w Orange Sky.$180  

1132T. Newton. Pair Of Palm Paintings.$360  

1133Willie C. Reagan. Road By Waterway.  $660  

1134Horace Foster. Clearing Storm.$90  

1135Horace Foster. Breaking Waves.  $390  

1136Horace Foster. Inland FL Waterway.$330  

1137Horace Foster. Shack At Pond’s Edge.$90  

1138Horace Foster. Poinciana Tree.$150  

1139Horace Foster. Poinsiana Tree At High Tide.$90  

1140Robert L. Lewis. Purple Poinciana.$330  

1141Robert L. Lewis. Yellow Poinciana. $600  

1142Robert L. Lewis. Palms At Night Pair.$540  

1143Charles ‘Chico’ Wheeler.  Man Fetching Mail.$270  

1144Charles ‘Chico’ Wheeler. Birds In Flight.$270  

1145Charles ‘Chico’ Wheeler. Sm. Shack.$300  

1146Charles ‘Chico’ Wheeler.  FL Home.$240  

1147Charles ‘Chico’ Wheeler. Inland FL Cranes.$480  

1148Charles ‘Chico’ Wheeler. Orange Sky.$180