April 26-27, 2014 - Delta Blues Meets Visual Blues

PRICES - Include 20% Premium

1. Carl Block. Large Adam and Eve Face Jug. $1,080.00

2.Carl Block. Blue Daisy Flowers On  Face Jug. $120.00

3. Carl Block. Four-Eyed Devil Face Jug. $150.00

4. Marvin Bailey. Man w Face Jug on Head. $240.00

5. Marvin Bailey. Jug Head Man. $120.00

6. D.B. Garner. Snake Covered Jug. $240.00

7. R. Randy. Abe Ring Jug & 4 Shot Cups. $150.00

8. Randy. Napoleon At Waterloo. $120.00

9. Karen Labarga. Devil Mermaid Bottle. $360.00

10. Albert Hodge. Swirl Devil Face Jug. $120.00

11. Albert Hodge. Snake Jug. $180.00

12. Albert Hodge. Red Devil Face Jug. $330.00

13. Albert Hodge. Face Jug. $90.00

14. J’s Pottery. Snake Face Jug. $90.00

15. Seagrove Pottery. Father & Son Face Jugs. $120.00

16. Rex Hogan. Tobacco-Spit Rooster. $270.00

17. Michel Bayne.  Monkey Spout Face Jugs. $360.00

18. Michel Bayne. Blue Face Jug. $90.00

19. Michel Bayne. Snake Attack  Jug.  $270.00

20. SAR. Red Devil & Black/Blue Face Jug. $240.00

21. Randy Tobias. Monkey Spout Devil & Man. $240.00

22. Shelby West. Red Face Pitcher, #4. $90.00

23. Charlie West. Mustard Yellow Rooster. $150.00

24. Ferrell Pottery. Edgefield-Style Face Jug. $210.00

25. Bobby Ferguson. Green Face Jug. $150.00

26. Clint Alderman. 1st  Upside Down Face Jug. $360.00

27. Roger Corn. Open Mouth Face Jug. $120.00

28. Don Craig. Cowboy Wig Stand. $150.00

29. Don Craig. Long Face Pottery Bottle. $150.00

30. Steve Abee. Screaming Face Jug. $90.00

31. Ben Owens, III. 8 Multi-Colored Pitchers. $360.00

32. Ben Owens, III. 6 Vessels w  Earthen Glazes. $420.00

33. Ben Owens, III. 6 Art Deco-Inspired Pots. $420.00

34. Charles Lisk. Two-Color Swirl Face Jug. $300.00

35. Charles Lisk. Blue & White Swirl Face Jug. $360.00

36. Charles Lisk. Face Cookie Jar. $180.00

37. J. Owens & S.K. Owens. Pair Of Face Jugs. Not in auction

38. Owens & Hussey. Father & Son Face Jugs. $120.00

39. Owens & Hussey. Face Jugs w Beards. $180.00

40. Billy Ray Hussey. 5 Gallon Face Jug w Devil. $510.00

41. Billy Ray Hussey. Mythological Lion. $600.00

42. Billy Ray Hussey. Face Flow Blue Teeth. $480.00

43. Billy Ray Hussey. Self-Portrait At Kiln. $600.00

44. Billy Ray Hussey. Father & Son Buggy  Jugs. $240.00

45. Billy Ray Hussey. Multi-Colored Dog. $450.00

46. Billy Ray Hussey. 1 Gallon Buggy Face Jug. $180.00

47. Billy Ray Hussey. Black Figure Hugging Jug. $240.00

48. Billy Ray Hussey & B.B. Craig.  Mini Jugs. $150.00

49. B.B. Craig. Large 5 Gallon Face Jug. $1,920.00

50. B.B. Craig. Large Two-Gallon Face Jug. $510.00

51. B.B. Craig. Vampire Teeth Face Jug. $600.00

52. B.B. Craig. Face Pitcher. $240.00

53. B.B. Craig. Two-Gallon Snake Jug.  $120.00

54. B.B. Craig. Bug-Eyed Face Jug. $240.00

55. B.B. Craig. Early Pint Sized Face Jugs. $420.00

56. B.B. Craig. Face Jug & Face Pitcher. $1,800.00

57. B.B. Craig & Bolick. Orange Face Jugs. $450.00

58. Evan Javan Brown. Black Devil Face Jug. $1,440.00

59. Brown Pottery. Black Devil Face Jug. $300.00

60. Robert Brown. Large Face Jug w Goatee. $180.00

61. Robert Brown. Medium Size Face Jugs. $480.00

62. Robert Brown. Large Face Jug With Cigar. $270.00

63. Utilitarian Southern Churn. $330.00

64. W.J. Gordy. Full Fig Devil Jug w Stopper. $1,320.00

65. W.J. Gordy. Face Jug With Stopper. $2,640.00

66. Arie Meaders. Grape  Bean Pot With Lid. $1,200.00

67. Cheever Meaders. Indian Motif Whiskey Jugs. $13,200.00

68. Cheever Meaders.  Whiskey Jugs. $480.00

69. Cheever Meaders (attrib). Creamer & Whiskey Jug. $210.00

70. Cheever Meaders. Fortson’s & Spivey’s Whiskey Jug. $360.00

71. Cheever Meaders (attrib). Milk Pitcher. $120.00

72. Lanier Meaders. Grape Dec. Lg Bean Pot. $720.00

73. Lanier Meaders. Grape Dec. Cookie Jar.  $1,200.00

74. Lanier Meaders. Black-Eyed Rock Tooth Devil Jug. $3,600.00

75. Lanier Meaders. Devil Jack O’ Lantern  Jug. $5,880.00

76. Lanier Meaders. Rock Tooth Devil Face Jug. $1,440.00

77. Lanier Meaders. Smiling Rock Tooth Face Jug. $2,160.00

78. Lanier Meaders. Dbl Face Rock Tooth Matte Jug. $1,320.00

79. Lanier Meaders. Rock Tooth Face Jug.  $1,560.00

80. Lanier Meaders. Experimental Rock Tooth Jug. $960.00

81. Lanier Meaders. Devil Face Jug. $2,400.00

82. Lanier Meaders. Runny Eyed Face Jug. $900.00

83. Lanier Meaders. Toothless Face Jug. $1,080.00

84. Lanier Meaders. Small Face Jug. $960.00

85. Lanier Meaders. Cock-Eyed Face Jug. $720.00

86. Edwin Meaders. Green Large Rooster. $1,020.00

87. Edwin Meaders. Blue Rooster, #21. $720.00

88. Edwin Meaders. Blue Rooster. $570.00

89. Cleater & Billie Meaders. 5 Gal Face Jug. $900.00

90. Cleater & Billie Meaders. Four Buggy Jugs. $360.00

91. Cleater & Billie Meaders. Devil Rock Tooth Face Jug. $360.00

92. Reggie Meaders. Cross-Eyed Tobacco-Spit Jug. $570.00

93. Reggie Meaders. Experimental White Eyes. $240.00

94. Reggie Meaders. Face Jug w Tiny Features. $300.00

95. Reggie & Flossie Meaders. Combo Face Jug. $120.00

96. David Meaders. 100 Years Of Pottery Face Jug.  $180.00

97. David Meaders. 100 Yrs Of Meaders?Pottery Face. $180.00

98. David & Flossie Meaders. Big Smiling Face Jug. $240.00

99. A.G. Meaders. Father & Son Face Jugs. $240.00

100. A.G. Meaders. Mini Face Jug. $120.00

101. John Meaders. Jar With Lug & Strap Handles.  $60.00

102. John Meaders. Grape Decorated Pitcher. $50.00

103. Mildred Meaders. Small Devil Face Jug. $180.00

104. Anita Meaders. Pair of Mini Face Jugs. $300.00

105. Anita Meaders. Pint-Sized Face Jug. $180.00

106. Michael & Melvin Crocker. Indian w Snake. $660.00

107. Michael & Melvin Crocker. 4 Gallon Syrup Jug. $600.00

108. Michael & Melvin Crocker. Dbl Indian Jug. $180.00

109. Michael & Melvin Crocker. Grape Pitcher. $150.00

110. Chester Hewell. Dbl-Sided Devil Face Jug. $270.00

111. Chester Hewell. Double Face Jug w Snake. $180.00

112. Harold Hewell. Happy New Year Hoop Jug. $300.00

113. Grace Nell Hewell. Washington Face Jug. $60.00

114. Matthew Hewell. Face Jug. Ship: $4560.00

115. Matthew Hewell. Face Pitcher. Ship: $45

116. Marie Rogers. Early Black Face Jug. $480.00

117. Marie Rogers. Confederate Soldiers w Dates. $360.00

118. Marie Rogers. Snake,  Bank, &  Man. $360.00

119. Marie Rogers. Piggy Bank. $240.00

120. Marie Rogers. Three Game Birds. $390.00

121. Marie Rogers.Buggy Face Jugs.  $120.00

122. Marie Rogers. Face Jug w Glass Drips.  $120.00

123. Marie Rogers. Buggy Face Jug.  $150.00

124. Marie Rogers. Female - Male Face Jug. $300.00

125. Marie Rogers. Blue Snake Jug. $180.00

126. Sugar Chest In Shape Of Desk. $36,000.00

127. Samantha Elizabeth Power. Pie Safe. $1,080.00

128. 35-Star American Flag. c. 1863. $6,720.00

129. William Anderson Roberts attrib. Portrait. $2,640.00

130. John B. Weiganett. Elysium Brewery. $1,200.00

131. Winter Wolf Pack Attack. $150.00

132. William F. Henrick. Sea Battle of Luzon. $210.00

133. Trotter Weathervane. $450.00

134. Ed Moulthrop Bowl. $1,920.00

135. Sam Doyle. First Blak Midwife (sic). $204,000.00

136. Sam Doyle. Jack O Lanton (sic). $7,080.00

137. Sam Doyle. Dr. Boles, XII, Hi Blood. $8,280.00

138. Sam Doyle. Dr. Buz Ha Lo (sic.) $8,400.00

139. Sam Doyle. MLK with JFK. $2,400.00

140. Sam Doyle. Chapel Of Ease. $1,080.00

141. William Hawkins. Rider On Horseback. $43,200.00

142. William Hawkins. Red Tail Hawk. $7,680.00

143. William Hawkins. Columbus Ohio Building. $3,360.00

144. Clementine Hunter. Melrose Plantation Quilt. $10,080.00

145. Clementine Hunter. Black Jesus On Cross. $3,480.00

146. Clementine Hunter. Funeral Scene. $3,720.00

147. Minnie Evans. Solomon’s Temple. $11,400.00

148. Myrtice West.  Revelations Chapter 19. $11,400.00

149. Chris Hipkiss. Bought Up By The Sea.  $19,200.00

150. Mattie Lou O’Kelley. Hurrying Home. $18,600.00

151. Mattie Lou O’Kelley. When Dogwoods Bloom. $7,800.00

152. Mattie Lou O’Kelley. Summer Shoreline. $10,200.00

153. Mattie Lou O’Kelley.  Morning Glories. $4,440.00

154. Mattie Lou O’Kelley. Portrait Of A Frog. $1,800.00

155. Mattie Lou O’Kelley. Homes In The Woods. $2,520.00

156. Mattie Lou O’Kelley. House By The Hills. $2,520.00

157. Mattie Lou O’Kelley. My Georgia. $3,600.00

158. Mattie Lou O’Kelley. Acorn and Peanut. $1,680.00

159. Mattie Lou O’Kelley. Youth. $510.00

160. Mattie Lou O’Kelley. The Tomato. $840.00

161. Vestie Davis. Wedding at Temple Emanu-El. $3,600.00

162. Vestie Davis. The Two Hundred Block. $4,080.00

163. Ulysses Davis. Vampire Figure. $8,400.00

164. Herman Bridgers. Two Churchmens. $13,200.00

165. Thornton Dial. Fourth of July Tiger. 

166. Gustav Klumpp. Dream Of Naked Women. $3,840.00

167. Howard Finster. Jacob’s Ladder. Ship: $8,400.00

168. Howard Finster. Henry Ford Had A Vision.  $6,600.00

169. Howard Finster. Land Of Arkino. $5,880.00

170. Howard Finster. Mountains Of Holana. $3,960.00

171. Howard Finster. Vision Of Dinosaur. $2,400.00

172. Howard Finster. Audience & Inertainers (sic.). $7,800.00

173. Howard Finster. Giant Elvis At. $3,600.00

174. Howard Finster. Eyes On High Are Watching. $3,600.00

175. Howard Finster.  Bridle The Tongue. $4,440.00

176. Howard Finster.  Valley of Decision. $2,520.00

177. Howard Finster. Wild Dog Of Larocosa. $1,560.00

178. Howard Finster.  Lord Is On My Side. $1,200.00

179. Howard Finster. T.V. Art. $300.00

180. Howard Finster.  World Revival. $1,200.00

181. Howard Finster. Master Of Seemless Robe. $600.00

182. Howard Finster. Stone Faces. $1,560.00

183. Howard Finster. World Of Eternal Peace. $3,600.00

184. Howard Finster. Black Panther. $660.00

185. Howard Finster. Coca-Cola $2,280.00

186. Howard Finster. Black Cheeta. $600.00

187. Howard Finster. Trumpeting Angel. $1,680.00

188. Howard Finster. Elvis At 3 Years Old. $600.00

189. Howard Finster. Land Of Toelas. $480.00

190. Howard Finster. Elvis At 3. $900.00

191. Howard Finster. Don’t Fuss On This Phone. $600.00

192. Howard Finster. Dried Paint Art. $480.00

193. Howard Finster. Cement From Garden. $1,200.00

194. Howard Finster. Clockcase. $240.00

195. . Sister Gertrude Morgan. 7-Headed Monster. $7,800.00

196Sister Gertrude Morgan. Eight Blade Fan. $9,600.00

197. Sis. Gertrude Morgan. Half C Of Service. $4,200.00

198. Sis. Gertrude Morgan. Gospel Teacher. $2,400.00

199. Nellie Mae Rowe. Swimmer. $6,000.00

200. Nellie Mae Rowe. Nellie’s House. $9,600.00

201. Nellie Mae Rowe. Peace. $2,280.00

202. Nellie Mae Rowe. Self-Portrait. $480.00

203. Victor Joseph Gatto. Fantasy Gathering. $1,080.00

204Victor Joseph Gatto.  Moon Fantasy. $960.00

205Victor Joseph Gatto. Pygmy. $1,800.00

206Richard Hoffman. West Lake Park. $360.00

207Jon Serl. Medicine Man. $2,280.00

208Jon Serl. Vase With Three Flowers. $480.00

209Lawrence Lebduska. Tiger Surprises Stallions. $3,600.00

210Lawrence Lebduska. Kiowa River Trip. $1,440.00

211Lawrence Lebduska. Orchid & Butterflies. $600.00

212Israel Litwak. Lake Hopatcong, NJ. $840.00

213Samuel Rothbort.  Wooden Shingle Maker. $420.00

214Antonio Esteves. Moses. $720.00

215Antonio Esteves. Nudes At Waterfall.  $3,000.00

216Antonio Esteves. Forest. $420.00

217Nan Phelps. Where I Attended School. $1,080.00

218Uncle Jack Dey. Pony Express. $1,080.00

219Abraham Levin. Women With Children. $540.00

220Abraham Levin. Man With Still Life. $360.00

221Abraham Levin. Nudes In Water. $420.00

222Abraham Levin. Sharing Bread & Wine. $360.00

223Abraham Levin. Light House In Rough Sea. $480.00

224Abraham Levin. The Tailor. $420.00

225Till Landy. Passover.   $240.00

226Till Landy. George Washington Bridge.   $480.00

227John Roeder. Birds In Willow Tree.   $1,920.00

228Frank Jones. Untitled.   $3,000.00

229Clarence Woolsey. Woolsey’s Mailbox.   $1,440.00

230Raymond Coins. Adam & Eve Riverstone.   $1,560.00

231Justin McCarthy. Nativity Scene.   $960.00

232Justin McCarthy. Peaches & Plums.   $2,400.00

233Justin McCarthy. Lady With Pink Hat.   $1,200.00

234Justin McCarthy. Bathing Beauty.   $600.00

235Justin McCarthy. Ice Capades.   $480.00

236Justin McCarthy. Ann Sheridan.   $120.00

237Justin McCarthy. E. Baylor & W. Chamberlain.   $480.00

238Justin McCarthy. B. Martin & T. Jackson.   $720.00

239Justin McCarthy. Jockey On Horse.   $300.00

240Jack Savitsky. Tumbling Run Creek, PA.   $6,000.00

241Jack Savitsky. Snowy River Scene.   $7,200.00

242Jack Savitsky. Coal Miner Jack.   $600.00

243Jack Savitsky. No Smokeing (sic).   $840.00

244Jack Savitsky. Five Oil Works.   $1,800.00

245Jack Savitsky. Four Works.   $330.00

246Chelo Gonzalez Amezcua. Roads.   $3,120.00

247Chelo Gonzalez Amezcua. Abundance.   $7,800.00

248Johnnie Swearingen. Texas Ranch.   $2,400.00

249Johnnie Swearingen. Man w Dogs.   $1,560.00

250Rev. Johnnie Swearingen.  At The Lake.    $1,560.00

251A. David Crystal. Nixon. Dress & Hat.    $60.00

252Herbert Singleton. Big Hat Willy.   $4,800.00

253Herbert Singleton. Snake & Head Totem.   $1,440.00

254Herbert Singleton. Beguiled.   $960.00

255Herbert Singleton. Get It On Lazarus.   $1,080.00

256Herbert Singleton. Kill Staff.   $420.00

257Herbert Singleton. No Pain, No Gain.   $1,140.00

258Herbert Singleton. Get It On Up.   $720.00

259Herbert Singleton. Free Spirit.    $720.00

260Leroy Almon. Adam & Eve.   $4,320.00

261Leroy Almon. Slave System.   $3,840.00

262Leroy Almon. Elvis.   $660.00

263Leroy Almon. The Old Gambler.   $2,520.00

264Leroy Almon. Jesus w Crown Of Thorns.   $2,160.00

265Leroy Almon. The Devil Preaching.   $1,020.00

266Eddie Arning. Light House Keeping.    $3,720.00

267Eddie Arning. Old Spice.   $3,480.00

268Eddie Arning. Fleishman’s Margarine.   $1,020.00

269Eddie Arning. Couple Waving, #1057.   $1,680.00

270J.P. Scott. The Family Reunion Boat.    $5,400.00

271J.P. Scott. Family Reuniton (sic.)    $2,040.00

272J.P. Scott. U.S.A. Plane.   $360.00

273J.P. Scott. U.N.A. Plane.   $150.00

274Lorenzo Scott. Last Supper.    $6,000.00

275Lorenzo Scott. Diptic of Jesus.    $2,520.00

276Lorenzo Scott. Virgin Mary w Jesus.   $1,080.00

277Lorenzo Scott. Pearly Gates.  $1,800.00

278Lorenzo Scott. Jesus On The Cross.   $1,200.00

279Kathy Jakobsen. Horseback Riding.   $480.00

280Kathy Jakobsen. Man Falling Off Horse.   $1,560.00

281Kathy Jakobsen. Christmas Nite.   $570.00

282Kathy Jakobsen. Ice Fishing.   $240.00

283Janice Price. Ohio Snowey Rural Scene.    $1,560.00

284Sylvia Alberts. Newport Courthouse.   $1,170.00

285Bettye Williams. Doorstop Gang.   $1,560.00

286Bettye Williams. Buddies On Break.   $420.00

287Antoinette Schwob. Man In Yellow Shirt.    $720.00

288Antoinette Schwob. Christmas Eve, N.D.   $210.00

289Alpha Andrews. Everything In Bloom.   $360.00

290Linda Anderson. Migraine Painting.   $390.00

291Charlie Willeto. Navajo Spirit Man  $2,400.00

292Charlie Willeto. Native Man.  $4,320.00

293Charlie Willeto. Reaching For Heavens.   $4,320.00

294Nicholas Herrera. Mi Vida De 25.    $960.00

295Nicholas Herrera. San Isidro.    $210.00

296Nicholas Herrera. Noise Maker.   $390.00

297George T. Lopez. Adam & Eve.   $960.00

298Lee Godie. Large Man In Tan Hat.    $270.00

299Lee Godie. Red Hats.   $390.00

300Lee Godie. Man’s Portrait.   $510.00

301Lee Godie. Decorated Lee Godie Photos.    $11,400.00

302Lee Godie. Woman In Red.   $660.00

303Lee Godie. Pillow.   $840.00

304William Dawson. Peacock.   $270.00

305William Dawson. Black Cow.    $420.00

306William Dawson. Portraits.    $480.00

307E. Bates. Sinners & Saints In The City.   $900.00

308Ned Cartledge. With These Handicaps.   $1,080.00

309Ned Cartledge. Grounded.   $1,440.00

310Ned Cartledge. Wake Up America.  $210.00

311Ned Cartledge. Bullish In America.   $120.00

312Ned Cartledge. Democracy Requires....    $240.00

313Ned Cartledge. Santa Claus.   $510.00

314Linville Barker. Cat.   $2,520.00

315S.L. Jones. Man & Woman Plaque.    $840.00

316S.L. Jones. Woman’s Bust Mount.   $900.00

317S.L. Jones. Plowing The Fields.   $390.00

318Uncle Pete Drgac. Trees and Plants.   $210.00

319Aldo Piacenza. Church Bird House.   $1,140.00

320Minnie & Garland Adkins. Sm. Black Horse.   $570.00

321Purvis Young. Full Angel Figure.    $1,200.00

322Purvis Young. Black Horse & Rider.   $1,800.00

323Purvis Young. Guitar Man & Friend.    $540.00

324Purvis Young. 3 Panels, Horses & Riders.   $660.00

325PurvisYoung. 4 Scenes On Legal Paper.   $420.00

326Purvis Young. Pair of Long Crowd Scenes.   $600.00

327Purvis Young. It Is The Session.  360.00

328Purvis Young. Purvis The People. 570.00

329Purvis Young. 54-Page Painted Book. 1,440.00

330Purvis Young. Lg. 120-Page Painted Book. 1,080.00

331Purvis Young. Pair Of Works. 240.00

332Purvis Young. Tall Central Figures. 360.00

333Purvis Young. 4 Figures On Board. 1,020.00

334Purvis Young. Four Works. 720.00

335Purvis Young. Group of Five Works. 240.00

336Purvis Young. Pair Of Paintings. 330.00

337Purvis Young. Man’s Portrait. 300.00

338Purvis Young. Four Figures.  840.00

339Terry Turrell. Couple In Loving Embrace. 1,440.00

340Terry Turrell. No Batteries.  1,320.00

341Terry Turrell. Head Painting. 2,280.00

342Terry Turrell. Pebbles. 1,020.00

343Terry Turrell. A Line Dress & Stick Man.  720.00

344Ray Hamilton. Purple and Red Horses. 960.00

345Ray Hamilton. Five Red Orbs. 660.00

346Ray Hamilton. Four Yellow Horses. 600.00

347Ray Hamilton. Citise Of The USA (sic).  540.00

348J.H. Floyd. Chief Crazy Horse.  660.00

349Jack Floyd. 4 Life-Like Snake Canes.  300.00

350Jack Floyd. Hand on Serpent Canes. 570.00

351Earnest Patton. Nude Snake Handler.  840.00

352William Owens (attrib).Beauty w Snakes.  240.00

353Antique Quilt Yellow & Red Star. 2,160.00

354Minnie & Garland Adkins. Horse Quilt.  540.00

355Minnie & Garland Adkins. Rooster Quilt Top. 420.00

356Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Mean Toto. 900.00

357Jimmy Lee Sudduth. City Clock Tower. 600.00

358Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Portrait Of 1800’s Man. 360.00

359Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Milk Cow.  840.00

360Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Bull.  720.00

361Jimmy Lee Sudduth. County Court House. 1,080.00

362Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Lady w Pearl Necklace. 720.00

363Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Old Country Church. 960.00

364Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Heavy 3D Log Cabin. 480.00

365Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Guinea Hen. 720.00

366Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Pheasant.  1,200.00

367Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Gator. 420.00

368Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Factory. 420.00

369Jimmy Lee Sudduth. NY Apt Buildings. 960.00

370Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Baked Potato Woman. 600.00

371Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Indian.  600.00

372Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Party On House Porch.420.00

373Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Woman w Brown Hair. 540.00

374Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Toto. 540.00

375Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Self-Portrait w Guitar. 420.00

376Jimmy Lee Sudduth. Mud Couple. 240.00

377Sulton Rogers. Cowboy & Cat Man. 960.00

378Sulton Rogers. Two-Headed Snake. 660.00

379Sulton Rogers. Jesus.  720.00

380Sulton Rogers. Topless Woman & Man. 600.00

381Sulton Rogers. Three Figures. 1,140.00

382Sulton Rogers. Large Couple. 1,680.00

383Sulton Rogers. Man With Microphone. 840.00

384Sulton Rogers. Pair Of Women.  480.00

385Sulton Rogers. Couple At Picnic Table. 540.00

386J.B. Murry. Strong Spirits In Blue & Yellow.  1,080.00

387J.B. Murry. Black and Red Spirits. 840.00

388J.B. Murry. Blue & Brown Spirits w Writing. 600.00

389J.B. Murry. Spirits w Automatic Writing.  1,080.00

390J.B. Murry. Two Framed Envelopes. 540.00

391J.B. Murry. Automatic Writing Columns. 2,160.00

392Sterling Strauser. Pacific Railroad. 1,320.00

393Sterling Strauser. Railroad Engine. 1,320.00

394Sterling Strauser. Wildflowers. 1,440.00

395Philadelphia Wireman. Gun-Shaped Sculpture. 1,440.00

396Archie Byron. Mrs. A. 300.00

397Josephus Farmer. Auction Of Black People. 1,020.00

398Malcah Zeldis. Moses At The Nile. 660.00

399Malcah Zeldis. Ballet Dancers.  300.00

400Malcah Zeldis. Hagar, Abraham & Sarah. 210.00

401Malcah Zeldis. House Cat.  240.00

402Malcah Zeldis. Blue Owls. 120.00

403Malcah Zeldis. Blue Moose. 240.00

404Joseph Hardin. Dancing Nude. 180.00

405Joseph Hardin. Wild Flowers.  240.00

406Hugo Sperger. Melon Time.  360.00

407Hugo Sperger. Jonah & The Big Fish. 960.00

408Hugo Sperger. Connection. 1,200.00

409Hugo Sperger. Boss On Top. Ship: $35720.00

410Milton Bond. Nine Works.  Ship: $55480.00

411Carlton Garrett. Man In Tractor. Ship: $45660.00

412B.F. Perkins. King Tut Treasure. Ship: $751,140.00

413B.F. Perkins. American Flag w Lady Liberty. Ship: $75960.00

414B.F. Perkins. Statue Of Liberty. Ship: $45480.00

415B.F. Perkins. Large American Flag. Ship: $150300.00

416B.F. Perkins. Cherokee Love Birds. Ship: $45540.00

417B.F. Perkins. American Flag Suitcase. Ship: $65300.00

418B.F. Perkins. 3 Large Blue Gourds. Ship: $100510.00

419B.F. Perkins. 4 White Gourds w Am. Flags. Ship: $85210.00

420Chief Wiley. New Comers. Ship: $35150.00

421Freddie Brice. Red Face Portrait. Ship: $75120.00

422Patrick Davis. Three Men. Ship: $45960.00

423Aaron Birnbaum. Weighing Baby. Ship: $35720.00

424Eve With Serpent. Ship: $55600.00

425Charles Rabin. 4 Large Paintings. Ship: $85240.00

426Marvin Finn. 9 Roosters & Hens. Ship: $2001,800.00

427Albert Wagner. Mother& Daughter. Ship: $4530.00

428Virgil Norberg. Kangaroo Weathervane. Ship: $150120.00

429Eddy Mumma. David & Goliath. Ship: $45360.00

430Eddy Mumma. Red Hat & Yellow Hands. Ship: $45420.00

431Eddy Mumma. Green Hat w Red Face. Ship: $45600.00

432Eddy Mumma. Lg Green & Black Brim Hat. Ship: $451,080.00

433Eddy Mumma. Open Mouth Orange Face. Ship: $45300.00

434Eddy Mumma. Little Boy In Blue.  Ship: $451,020.00

435Eddy Mumma. Light Blue Halo. Ship: $45360.00

436Eddy Mumma. Mother w 2 Children. Ship: $55330.00

437Eddy Mumma.  Men With Flat Hats. Ship: $45300.00

438Eddy Mumma. Yellow Face Sisters. Ship: $45840.00

439Sybil Gibson. Three Children. Ship: $75720.00

440Sybil Gibson. Baby Breath In Vase. Ship: $45420.00

441Sybil Gibson. Face. Ship: $551,680.00

442Sybil Gibson. Floral On Robin’s Egg Blue. Ship: $45270.00

443Sybil Gibson. Portrait And Roses. Ship: $75240.00

444Sybil Gibson. Forest With Lake Sunrise. Ship: $55420.00

445Sybil Gibson. Three Girls. Ship: $45180.00

446Sybil Gibson. Blond Woman. Ship: $35240.00

447Sybil Gibson. Fruit Still Life. Ship: $55120.00

448James Harold Jennings. Self-Portrait w Bus. Ship: $65540.00

449James Harold Jennings. Self-Portrait. Ship: $75270.00

450James Harold Jennings. Aeon-Metempsychosis. Ship: $65960.00

451J.H. Jennings. Woman Beats Hell Out Of JHJ. Ship: $55420.00

452James Harold Jennings. Indian Art World. Ship: $45720.00

453James Harold Jennings.  Windmill. Ship: $85480.00

454James Harold Jennings. Self-Portrait. Ship: $55540.00

455James Harold Jennings. Angel.  Ship: $45360.00

456James Harold Jennings. Indian Woman.  Buyer Ships.210.00

457J.H. Jennings. Photo, Frame & Art World. Ship: $65240.00

458Charlie Lucas. They Go Together. Ship: $200300.00

459Charlie Lucas. Dinosaur.  Ship: $100720.00

460Charlie Lucas. Tin Man Fantasy. Ship: $35600.00

461Charlie Lucas. Braces On My Teeth. Ship: $451,920.00

462Willie Massey. Speckled Hawk. Ship: $35360.00

463Willie Massey. Bird House With Plane.  Ship: $150240.00

464Willie Massey. Red Bird House. Ship: $65240.00

465Willie Massey. Black & White Snakes.  Ship: $45210.00

466Willie Massey. White Dove. Ship: $35420.00

467Inez Nathaniel Walker. Paw Watching Baby Girl. Ship: $45900.00

468Inez Nathaniel Walker. Profile. Ship: $35690.00

469Inez Nathaniel Walker. Portrait w Cigarette. Ship: $351,020.00

470Inez Nathaniel Walker. Man’s Portrait. Ship: $45780.00

471Inez Nathaniel Walker. Bad Girl w Cigarette. Ship: $351,320.00

472Inez Nathaniel Walker. Woman’s Portrait. Ship: $55540.00

473Inez Nathaniel Walker. Reclining Woman.  Ship: $351,320.00

474Inez Nathaniel Walker. Portrait. Ship: $65240.00

475Inez Nathaniel Walker. Portrait. Ship: $351,080.00

476Ab The Flagman. American Flag. Ship: $100780.00


478Ab The Flagman. Screaming Am. Eagle.  Ship:  150480.00

479Ab The Flagman. American Eagle.  Buyer Ships.540.00

480Ab The Flagman. Sunflower. Ship: $85120.00

481Ab The Flagman. Flag. Ship: $55450.00

482Ab The Flagman. Am. Bald Eagle Over Flag. Ship: $65180.00

483Ab The Flagman. Prosper #II. Ship: $75540.00

484Mary T. Smith. The Lord Knows. Ship: $1002,520.00

485Mary T. Smith. 3 Figure In Green. Ship: $55600.00

486Mary T. Smith. Red Man - Colored Man. Ship: $851,560.00

487Mary T. Smith. Blue Figure. Ship: $551,440.00

488Mary T. Smith. Portrait. Ship: $45390.00

489Mary T. Smith. 2 Figures w Tree. Ship: $85540.00

490Homer Green. Three Owl Totem. Ship: $200900.00

491Homer Green attrib. Spotted Dog. Ship: $150210.00

492Homer Green attrib. Spotted Dinosaur.  Ship: $6560.00

493Ted Gordon. Parrot.  Ship: $45390.00

494Ted Gordon. Your’re Fired! Ship: $45480.00

495Marco Raugei. Parrots.  Ship: $65960.00

496Wesley Willis. Dan Ryan Expressway.  Ship: $85720.00

497Wesley Willis. The Chicago River.  Ship: $85720.00

498Kenneth Paisley. Southern Woman. Ship: $100390.00

499Simon Sparrow. Woman’s Portrait. Ship: $75180.00

500Jim Work. Red Brick House w Blue Sky. Ship: $45390.00

501Donald Walker (not Mitchell). House w Text. Ship: $45900.00

502Mose Tolliver. Grotesque Self Portrait. Ship: $55480.00

503Mose Tolliver. Six Portraits. Ship: $45780.00

504Mose Tolliver. Bull.  Ship: $3560.00

505Mose Tolliver. Gig Gag Dancing Woman. Ship: $45480.00

506Mose Tolliver. Man Plowing With Mule. Ship: $45210.00

507Mose Tolliver. Montgomery Bus Boycott. Ship: $35660.00

508Mose Tolliver. Bird In A Tree. Ship: $35720.00

509Mose Tolliver. Mose Lady.  Ship: $55420.00

510Mose Tolliver. 4 Plants & 1 Fish.  Ship: $65270.00

511Mose Tolliver. Blue Man. Ship: $45540.00

512Mose Tolliver. Jig Jag Lady. Ship: $35660.00

513Mose Tolliver. Soft Shell Turtle. Ship: $45330.00

514Mose Tolliver. Nall. Ship: $35270.00

515Mose Tolliver. Tulip. Ship: $45360.00

516Mose Tolliver. Black Jesus On Cross. Ship: $35540.00

517Mose Tolliver. Jesus. Ship: $45480.00

518Mose Tolliver. Brown Turtle. Ship: $45360.00

519Mose and/or Charles Tolliver. Nall. Ship: $45240.00

520Mose or Charles Tolliver. Possum. Ship: $45240.00

521Mose Tolliver (or Collaboration). Luvin Woman. Ship: $45300.00

522Mose Tolliver & Willie Mae or Annie. Jesus. Ship: $45360.00

523Woodie Long. Mule and Man Plowing.  Ship: $851,560.00

524Woodie Long. Jumping On Grandma’s Bed. Ship: $751,560.00

525Sarah Mary Taylor. Chicken Quilt. Ship: $35300.00

526Sarah Mary Taylor. Angel Fish Quilt. Ship: $35480.00

527Sarah Mary Taylor.  Pig Quilt.  Ship: $35360.00

528Frog Smith. Dun-Lawton Sugar Mill. Ship: $45360.00

529Frog Smith. Family In Conestoga Wagon.  Ship: $65360.00

530Frog Smith. Saw Mill.  Ship: $55300.00

531Bernice Sims. Negro League Baseball.  Ship: $2002,880.00

532Bernice Sims. One Room School House. Ship: $45210.00

533Bernice Sims. Children Playing.  Ship: $45240.00

534Bernice Sims. Children On Playground.  Ship: $45240.00

535Bernice Sims. Baptism. Ship: $45480.00

536Bernice Sims. Three Mini Works. Ship: $35360.00

537Stephen Moseley. Jesus Most Manley Man. Ship: $55660.00

538Stephen Moseley Who’s Top Dog? Ship: $55360.00

539Stephen Moseley. Lid For Every Pot. Ship: $55420.00

540Gayleen Aiken. A Music Room. Ship: $45 480.00

541Gayleen Aiken. A Display Of Oil Painting. Ship: $451,020.00

542Gayleen Aiken.  Inside Nickelodeon. Ship: $45540.00

543Charles Munro. Revolutionary Battle. Ship: $35240.00

544Janet Munro. Center Ring Of The Circus. Ship: $35210.00

545Janet Munro. Three Works. Ship: $35660.00

546Mr. Thatcher. Work For the Night. Ship: $35120.00

547Mr. Thatcher.  Lower Light Be Burning. Ship: $3560.00

548J.J. Cromer. Bottle Bird Trace. Ship: $55330.00

549Thornton Dial. Flexible Nude Woman. Ship: $351,020.00

550Thornton Dial. Fish, Love, Flowers. Ship: $451,080.00

551Thornton Dial. Totem. Ship: $35270.00

552Old Ironsides Pry. Horse w Bird On Fence. Ship: $75180.00

553Old Ironsides Pry. Farm Scene. Ship: $55180.00

554Old Ironsides Pry. Flowers & Birds. Ship: $45180.00

555Jesse Aaron. Faces In Needles. Ship: $75420.00

556Jesse Aaron. Owls and Man’s Face. Ship: $55720.00

557Jesse Aaron. Alligator.  Ship: $8590.00

558Jesse Aaron. Animal Head. Ship: $35540.00

559Dwight McIntosh. 3 Nude Women. Ship: $551,560.00

560Dwight McIntosh.4 Small Works. Ship: $25960.00

561H.B. Boggard. 14 Figures. Ship: $75600.00

562Pucho Odio. Cats & Hound Dog. Ship: $100660.00

563Everald Brown. Striving. Ship: $55360.00

564Georgia Blizzard. Beyond  Sunset. Ship: $45150.00

565Juanita Rogers. Girl With Fish. Ship: $751,320.00

566Juanita Rogers. Witch Riding Broom. Ship: $35420.00

567Juanita Rogers. The Spider Web. Ship: $45180.00

568Oscar T. Nelson. Fun House.  Ship: $1501,200.00

569Oscar T. Nelson. Fairground w Beach Park. Ship: $125600.00

570Oscar T. Nelson. Merry-Go-Round. Ship: $200840.00

571Oscar T. Nelson. Can-Can Girls. Ship: $200840.00

572Oscar T. Nelson. Roller Coaster. Ship: $65660.00

573Oscar T. Nelson. Merry-Go-Round. Ship: $651,320.00

574Casey McGlynn. Soccer Tournament. Ship: $250600.00

575Casey McGlynn. XOXO.  Ship: $100330.00

576Casey McGlynn. Spaceships. Ship: $2001,320.00

577Casey McGlynn. Magical Thin King. Ship: $1251,320.00

578Casey McGlynn. Your Lucky Pioneer.  Ship: $125330.00

579Casey McGlynn. The Juggler. Ship: $150960.00

580Casey McGlynn. Your Ark Began.  Ship: $200360.00

581Casey McGlynn. Donkey House. Ship: $100720.00

582Casey McGlynn. Herd Of Spaceships. Ship: $200720.00

583Casey McGlynn. Portrait Boxes. Ship: $75600.00

584Albert Hoffman. Rambler  & Chevrolet.  Ship: $5560.00

585Albert Hoffman. Red Benz’s Auto. Ship: $55120.00

586Albert Hoffman. First Ford, G. Selden &  Buggy. Ship: $5590.00

587Albert Hoffman. Three Vintage Cars. Ship: $5560.00

588Albert Hoffman. Champs. Ship: $ 45240.00

589Albert Hoffman. Fruit.  Ship: $45420.00

590Albert Hoffman. Shoemaker. Ship: $35240.00

591Albert Hoffman. Southern Right Whale. Ship: $45270.00

592Albert Hoffman. Burlesque Strip Tease. Ship: $ 45420.00

593Albert Hoffman. Blue Fish, Ship, Lover & Dragon. Ship: $85300.00

594Albert Hoffman. Fishman. Ship: $35180.00

595Lonnie Holley. Eye Of Our Ancestors. Ship: $100150.00

596Lonnie Holley. On The Road For Life. Ship: $150210.00

597Lonnie Holley. Skull & Woman’s Ghost. Ship: $100120.00

598Lonnie Holley. Straining To See. Ship: $75240.00

599Lonnie Holley. The Laboring Woman.  Ship: $200720.00

600Lonnie Holley. Profile In The Round. Ship: $65240.00

601Lonnie Holley. Baby Bird Had Fallen. Ship: $45180.00

602Lonnie Holley. Mother’s Mass. Ship: $5590.00

603Lonnie Holley. Snake In The Grass. Ship: $45480.00

604Lonnie Holley. Time Will Not Matter. Ship: $3590.00

605Lonnie Holley. Kneeling Man.  Ship: $55480.00

606Lonnie Holley. Profile And Figures. Ship: $6590.00

607Lonnie Holley. Eye Of Ancient Wisdom. Ship: $85660.00

608Lonnie Holley. Working Together.  Buyer Ships.480.00

609Lonnie Holley. Mask For My Sister’s Baby. Ship: $8530.00

610Lonnie Holley. Mother w Strong Root.  Buyer Ships.480.00

611Lonnie Holley. Profile w Briar Root On Brain. Ship: $55300.00

612Lonnie Holley. Profile With Rug Braids. Ship: $55300.00

613Lonnie Holley. Big Head.  Buyer Ships.120.00

614Lonnie Holley. To You All Of Africa. Ship: $65480.00

615Levent Isik. Dream Land. Ship: $45450.00

616Levent Isik. The Gradduate (sic). Ship: $45660.00

617Levent Isik. Silver Fish. Ship: $35480.00

618Levent Isik. Buffalo Bill.  Ship: $35180.00

619Levent Isik. Venus.  Ship: $35510.00

620Levent Isik. Latka, Russian Space Dog. Ship: $35660.00

621Levent Isik. Marriage. Ship: $35450.00

622Levent Isik. Jane Mansfield In Heaven.  Ship: $45840.00

623Levent Isik. The Hunt. Ship: $35420.00

624Levent Isik. Tarzan. Ship: $35480.00

625Levent Isik. Striped Cat. Ship: $35420.00

626Levent Isik. Zydeco Cat. Ship: $35660.00

627Heinrich Reisenbauer. Tables. Ship: $451,320.00

628John Culver. Untitled. Ship: $651,320.00

629Karl Mullen. Untitled. Ship: $551,020.00

630Edward Goss. Common Trash. Ship: $125450.00

631Daniel Belardinelli. Exparte. Ship: $55660.00

632Jennifer Harrison. View From Alley. Ship: $75540.00

633St. George. Tiger, #3. Ship: $30090.00

634St. George. Panther. Ship: $30090.00

635St. George. Estella.  Buyer Ships.2,520.00

636S.L. Jones.  Man With 2 Horses. Ship: $85120.00

637S.L. Jones. Female Portraits.  Ship: $35270.00

638S.L. Jones. Horse With Saddle. Ship: $3530.00

639S.L. Jones. 3 Women w Red Collars. Ship: $3590.00

640S.L. Jones. 2 Men & Lady At The Bar. Ship: $4590.00

641S.L. Jones. Two Men And Dog.  Ship: $65120.00

642S.L. Jones. Dressed Up. Ship: $45120.00

643S.L. Jones. Couples & Singles. Ship: $45270.00

644S.L. Jones. Man In Overalls w Cat & Dog. Ship: $55150.00

645S.L. Jones. Four Works. Ship: $45240.00

646S.L. Jones. 3 Men In Red Bow Ties. Ship: $45180.00

647S.L. Jones. Portraits Of Women. Ship: $35

648Charlie Kinney. Lion. Ship: $651,020.00

649Charlie Kinney. Sptod Cat (sic).  Ship: $551,200.00

650Charlie Kinney. Swamp Gator. Ship: $100540.00

651Charlie Kinney. Dance Hall. Ship: $45240.00

652Charlie Kinney. Haant (sic). Ship: $55270.00

653Charlie Kinney. River Jorgen (sic.) Ship: $55300.00

654Charlie Kinney. Mob Hanging Man. Ship: $45390.00

655Charlie Kinney. Back Olden Tim (sic). Ship: $45480.00

656Charlie Kinney. Who Let Out Tal (sic). Ship: $55300.00

657Charlie Kinney. Lizard Eating Prey. Ship: $4530.00

658Charlie Kinney. BAD Eating Annts (sic). Ship: $55270.00

659Cigar Store Indian Chief.  Buyer Ships.1,680.00

660John Vivolo & Unknown. Man with Dog.  Ship: $45180.00

661Shane Campbell. Black Statue of Liberty. Ship: $651,800.00

662Edith Valentine Tenbrick. Mizpah. Ship: $4560.00

663Prophet William Blackmon. I Have My Bible. Ship: $35480.00

664Henry Ray Clark. Destiny. Ship: $45240.00

665Bertha Halozan. NY Baseball Player. Ship: $35210.00

666David Marshall. Four Heads.  Ship: $65300.00

667David Marshall. Three Faces. Ship: $65210.00

668Philip Chabot. Double Eagle. Ship: $150420.00

669Philip Chabot. 8 Full Figs & 4 Profiles. Ship: $150720.00

670Philip Chabot. Fantasy & Farm Animals. Ship: $150600.00

671Philip Chabot. 20 Bird Carvings. Ship: $150960.00

672Philip Chabot. 20 Bird Carvings. Ship: $15060.00

673Philip Chabot. Atlas, Thinker, Eagle & Lion. Ship: $150360.00

674Bill Hostetler. 6 Presidents of USA & USSR. Ship: $65600.00

675Four Limberjacks. Ship: $45150.00

676Wooden Tanks, Cars and Planes. Ship: $8560.00

677Mr. Benjamin. Man Watering His Horse. Ship: $45600.00

678Mr. Benjamin.  Men On Leaping Horses.  Ship: $55480.00

679Mr. Benjamin. 3 Large Clocks & Whatnots. Ship: $3001,140.00

680Mr. Benjamin. Baseball &  Woodpecker. Ship: $55660.00

681Mr. Benjamin. 3 Whatnot Shelves & 3 Figs. Ship: $125840.00

682Mr. Benjamin. Box Lot. Ship: $2001,200.00

683Anonymous. Man’s Bust. Ship: $35540.00

684Totem w Ball & Snake In Cage. Ship: $45510.00

685Casey Gardner. Oral Roberts. Ship: $45540.00

686Joe McCuaig.  John and Yoko. Ship: $7560.00

687Shawn Wallace. Wind of Change. Ship: $125420.00

688Steve Huneck. Four Angels. Ship: $65840.00

689Marie Sheeham. Farm Fresh Eggs. Ship: $12530.00

690Mr. Imagination. Bottlecap Gator. Ship: $150840.00

691Henry Bridgewater. Wyatt Earp Lamp. Ship: $85240.00

692Vollis Simpson. Helicopter Whirligig. Ship: $200360.00

693Royal Robertson. I’m Created To Destroy.  Ship: $55720.00

694Royal Robertson. Satan Claims Adell. Ship: $45780.00

695Royal Robertson. Hebrews & Saint Luke. Ship: $45660.00

696Royal Robertson. Laser Eyed Woman. Ship: $35420.00

697R.Teles & J. Adams. 7 Days Of Creation.  Ship: $150360.00

698Rubens Teles.  Captains’s Trunk.  Buyer Ships.180.00

699Rubens Teles. Painted Head Board. Ship: $20030.00

700Rubens Teles. Unicorn Land. Ship: $8560.00

701Rubens Teles. Taking Specimens. Ship: $6530.00

702Rubens Teles. View From G.W. Bridge. Ship: $4590.00

703Rubens Teles. Small Town Invasion. Ship: $45150.00

704Tida Aleluia.  Jay Johnson At His NY House. Ship: $35120.00

705Tida Aleluia.  Jay Johnson’s Living Room.  Ship: $35180.00

706Brian Dowdall. Blue Moose. Ship: $200720.00

707Dug Nap. Green Dawg. Ship: $651,020.00

708Dug Nap. Radcliff Never Became Cardinal. Ship: $65480.00

709Artist Chuckie Williams. Great Black Athletes. Ship: $300150.00

710Joe Polinski. Saddest Puff Of Smoke In Am. Ship: $45270.00

711Jake McCord. Twin Red Heads.  Ship: $2001,440.00

712Richard Burnside. African King w Snakes. Ship: $200270.00

713Richard Burnside. King & Four Queens. Ship: $85390.00

714Jerry Coker. Man and Woman. Ship: $65360.00

715Jerry Coker. The Resident And Loss. Ship: $65240.00

716Denzil Goodpaster. Nude Man & Gator Canes. Ship: $55300.00

717Denzil Goodpaster. Gator. Ship: $55210.00

718Denzil Goodpaster. Striped Gator. Ship: $65420.00

719Denzil Goodpaster. Four Women.  Ship: $55420.00

720Jessie Cooper. Mansion Over Hilltops. Ship: $65180.00

721Ronald Cooper. Hell Has No Escape. Ship: $125450.00

722Ronald Cooper. Weird Devil. Ship: $6560.00

723Ronald Cooper. Goat Devil Chasing Man. Ship: $55240.00

724Ronald Cooper. John & Lorena Bobitt.  Ship: $65480.00

725Jessie Cooper. Glimpse Of Hell Chair. Ship: $150330.00

726Ronald Cooper. Hell Truck With Devil.  Ship: $85180.00

727Jessie Cooper. Cradle Of Love. Ship: $100360.00

728O.L. Samuels. Duck. Ship: $85270.00

729O.L. Samuels. Brahma Bull.  Ship: $75240.00

730James Son Thomas. Skull With Teeth. Ship: $45480.00

731Fred Webster. Peter Denies Jesus. Ship: $55120.00

732Fred Webster. Serpents Want Harm (sic). Ship: $65210.00

733Fred Webster. Serpents.  Ship: $35300.00

734Fred Webster. Coon Hunt. Ship: $45240.00

735Rev. Herman Hayes. Your Father In Law. Ship: $25300.00

736Rev. Herman Hayes. Five Tall Totems. Ship: $45330.00

737Robert E. Smith. It’s Too Hot. Ship: $75150.00

738Robert E. Smith. Why Isn’t Barbara Here? Ship: $75240.00

739Muddy Waters Concert Poster, 1966. Ship: $451,140.00

740P. Butterfield, Jefferson Airplane Poster. Ship: $45720.00

741Howlin Wolf At the Avalon Concert Poster. Ship: $451,080.00

742Grateful Dead Concert Poster, 1967. Ship: $45510.00

743Vanilla Fudge Concert Poster, 1967. Ship: $45540.00

744The Youngbloods Concert Poster, 1968. Ship: $45240.00

745Howling Wolf & Big Brother Poster, 1967. Ship: $45330.00

746Bonnie MacLean- Muddy Waters Poster, 1967. Ship: $45780.00

747Greg Irons Concert Poster. Ship: $45390.00

748Jefferson Airplane, Lee Hooker Poster, 1967. Ship: $45780.00

749Randy Tuten Concert Poster.  Ship: $45300.00

750Poster. Cream, Taj Mahal Poster, 1968. Ship: $45180.00

751The Blues Project Concert Poster, 1967. Ship: $45420.00

752Blood Sweat and Tears Concert Poster. Ship: $45540.00

753Lee Conklin Concert Poster. Albert King. Ship: $45240.00

754David Singer Concert Poster. Paul Butterfield. Ship: $45180.00

755Larry Stark Concert Poster, 1968. Ship: $45540.00

756Stan Miklose Concert Poster, 1967. Ship: $45360.00

757Jim Franklin (JFKLN) Concert Poster, 1970. Ship: $45960.00

758The Electric Circus Concert Poster. Ship: $35360.00

759Muddy Waters Concert Flyer. 1972.  Ship: $35240.00

760Muddy Waters Original  Concert Poster.  Ship: $35360.00

761Muddy Waters, Sunnyland Special  Poster. Ship: $45360.00

762B. Lynn Poster. UM Blues Festival, 1973. Ship: $35240.00

763Friends of Old Time Music  Poster. Ship: $45240.00

764Fifth Annual SF Blues Festival Poster, 1977. Ship: $65120.00

765Bobby Blue Bland Concert Poster, c. 1955. Ship: $65120.00

766Robert Johnson. Original Record 1937. Ship: $355,160.00

767John Coltrane. Photo with Sign, c. 1950's. Ship: $351,080.00

768Charlie Parker Photo with Signature, 1949. Ship: $35600.00

769Louis Armstrong. Signature & Inscription, 1934. Ship: $35720.00

770Thelonious Monk. Photo With Signature. Ship: $352,280.00

771William Count’ Basie. Photo w Signature. Ship: $35240.00

772Big Joe Turner. Photo With Signature. Ship: $35180.00

773Willie Dixon. Photo With Signature. Ship: $45240.00

774Willie Dixon. Poster w Signature. Ship: $45240.00

775Muddy Waters. Photo w Signature. Ship: $35360.00

776Muddy Waters. Photo With Signature. Ship: $35270.00

777Muddy Waters. Record & Signature,1960. Ship: $35780.00

778Pearl Bailey.  Photograph w Signature. Ship: $351,440.00

779Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Photo w Signature. Ship: $45420.00

780John Lee Hooker. Photo w Signature. Ship: $35300.00

781J.L. Hooker, E. Taylor & W. Horton Signatures. Ship: $35180.00

782John Lee Hooker. Photo w Signature. Ship: $45120.00

783Ray Charles. Photo With Signature. Ship: $35420.00

784James Joe Brown, Jr. Photo w Signature. Ship: $45240.00

785Miles Davis. Photo w Signature & Date, 1988. Ship: $45360.00

786B.B. King. Photo w Signature. 11/30/71. Ship: $35180.00

787B.B. King. Signed Friends Album & Signature. Ship: $3590.00

788B.B. King. Autograph on Scorsese’s Card. Ship: $35180.00

789Little Walter. Photo w Signature, 1964. Ship: $35840.00

790Clifton Chenier. Photo With Signature. Ship: $35300.00

791R.L. Burnside . Photo with Signature. Ship: $35150.00

792Clarence Gatemouth Brown. Photo w Signature. Ship: $35120.00

793Saunders Terrell. Photo with Signature. Ship: $3560.00

794J.B. Lenior. Photo With Signature, 1963. Ship: $35330.00

795Boozoo Chavis. Signed Photograph. Ship: $3560.00

796T. Bone Walker. Photo with Signature. Ship: $35360.00

797Memphis Slim. Photo w Signature. Ship: $35240.00

798Pine Top Perkins. Photo w Signature. Ship: $35120.00

799Koko Taylor. Photo w Signature. Ship: $35120.00

800Hound Dog Taylor. Photo w Signature. Ship: $45150.00

801Little Brother Montgomery. Photo w Signature. Ship: $ 35150.00

802Jesse Fuller. Photo w Signature. Ship: $3560.00

803Jimmy Reed . Photo With Signature. Ship: $35210.00

804Roosevelt Booba Barnes. Photo w Signature. Ship: $3560.00

805Furry Lewis. Photo With Signature. Ship: $35240.00

806David Honey Boy Edwards. Photo w  Card, 1979. Ship: $3560.00

807Otis Spann. Photo With Signature. Ship: $35480.00

808Rev. Gary Davis. Photo With Signature. Ship: $35180.00

809Roosevelt Sykes. Photo w Signature, 1970. Ship: $3590.00

810Roosevelt Sykes. Photo w Signature, 1974. Ship: $3530.00

811Carey Bell. Photo With Signature. Ship: $3530.00

812Carey & Lurrie Bell. Photo w Signature. Ship: $35

813Doctor Isaiah Ross. Photo w Signature. Ship: $3530.00

814Robert Jr. Lockwood. Photo w Signature. Ship: $3560.00

815Detroit Jr. Emery Williams. Signature on Piano Key. Ship: $3530.00

816Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee. Photo & Signature. Ship: $35120.00

817Bud Spires & Jack Owens. Photo w Signature. Ship: $3530.00

818Jessie Mae Hemphill. Photo w Signature, 1980. Ship: $ 35120.00

819Albert Collins. Photo With Signature 1989. Ship: $35120.00

820Diamond Teeth Mary McClain. Photo w Signature. Ship: $3530.00

821Shemekia Copeland. Photo w Signature. Ship: $3530.00

822Ellis CeDell Davis. Photo With Signature. Ship: $3530.00

823James Edward Snooky Pryor. Photo w Signature. Ship: $3530.00

824Frank Edwards. Photo With Signature. Ship: $3560.00

825Lazy Lester. Photo With Signature. Ship: $35 30.00

826James Yank Rachell. Photo w Signature. Ship: $3590.00

827Robert Joyfair. Photo With Signature. Ship: $35

828Eddie Kirkland. Photo With Signature. Ship: $3530.00

829Big Daddy Neal Pattman. Photo w Signature. Ship: $3530.00

830Juke Boy Bonner. Photo With Signature. Ship: $3530.00

831Johnny Shines. Photo With Signature. Ship: $3530.00

832Frank Frost. Photo With Signature. c. 1970. Ship: $3530.00

833Luther Allison. Photo With Signature. 1994. Ship: $3560.00

834John Jackson. Photo With Signature. Ship: $35

835Big Joe Duskin. Photo With Signature. Ship: $3530.00

836Frank Son Seals. Photo With Signature. Ship: $3560.00

837Babe Stovall. Photograph. 1969. Ship: $35150.00

838Brewer Philips. Photo With Signature. Ship: $4560.00

839Johnny Daniels Photography. Blues From Mitch. Ship: $35180.00

840Leon Bismark “Bix” Beiderbecke Photo. c. 1920’s. Ship: $75300.00

841Autographed Kingston Guitar.  Ship: $75840.00

842Son House Tribute Guitar w Autographs. Ship: $45480.00

843Collection of Blues Reference Books. Ship: $551,080.00

844Mixed Media Washboard. Slim Harpo. Ship: $65420.00

845Autographed Display Harmonica. Ship: $65360.00

846Fleetwood Covington. Lightnin’ Hopkins w Signature. Ship: $65300.00

847Fleetwood Covington. Jimmy Reed. Ship: $65360.00

848Fleetwood Covington. Muddy Waters. Ship: $75360.00

849Fleetwood Covington. Booker “Bukka” T. White. Ship: $75240.00

850Bessie Smith. Chirpin The Blues Sheet Music. Ship: $35120.00

851Bessie Smith. Gulf Coast Blues Sheet Music. Ship: $35480.00

852W.C. Handy. St. Louis Blues Sheet Music. Ship: $35120.00

853Willie Dixon & Clifton Chenier Poster.  Ship: $55120.00

854Muddy Waters. Living Legend Live! Poster. Ship: $75120.00

855B.B. King Signed Concert Poster. Ship: $45360.00

856Bobby Blue Bland. His California Album. Ship: $3560.00

857B.B. King Concert Poster, 1970. Ship: $4590.00

858B.B. King. Original Chitlin Circuit Poster. Ship: $35300.00

859Big Mama Willie Mae Thornton Show Bill. Ship: $35180.00

860Mudcat & Northside Tavern Poster w Signatures. Ship: $45120.00

8611980 New Orleans Jazz Festival Poster. Ship: $65360.00

8621987 New Orleans Jazz Poster.  Ship: $75240.00

863Sleepy John Estes. Promotional Poster. Ship: $3530.00

864Corey Bell & Tough Luck Signed Poster. Ship: $4530.00

865Mr. Larry Johnson. Autographed Flyers.  Ship: $35

866W.C. Handy. First Day Issued Stamp & Envelope. Ship: $35120.00

867New Orleans Funeral March. 16/20. Ship: $45150.00

868Lonnie Brooks. Autographed Card. Ship: $3530.00

869Frank Frost & Sam Carr. Autographed Flyer. Ship: $3560.00

870Moses Roscoe. Autographed Flyer. Ship: $35

871Clarence Gatemouth Brown. Autographed Flyer. Ship: $3530.00

872Long John Hunter. Autographed Poster.  Ship: $35

873Little Whitt and Big Bo. Autographed Poster. Ship: $35

874Charlie Patton. Blues Poster. Ship: $35180.00

875Smokey Wilson. Autographed Poster. Ship: $45

876B.B. King. Reel-To-Reel Tape. Ship: $35120.00

877J. Terrek. Minstrel Singer. 1932. Ship: $45540.00

878Mitcham. Shooting Dice In The Back Alley.  Ship: $45240.00

879T.A. 10¢ Shoe Shine Box.  Ship: $45360.00

880Girl’s Portrait.  Ship: $45420.00

881Thelma Edmunds. Black Doll. Ship: $75480.00

882African American. Marionette.  Ship: $45120.00

883Flat Board Dancing Jigger. Ship: $55240.00

884Slap Board Dancing Jigger Toy.  Ship: $45120.00

885Alligator and Top Hat Canes.  Ship: $5560.00

886Black Stereotypical Memorabilia. Ship: $4560.00

887Mill (Illegible). Black Girl At Fire Hearth. Ship: $45180.00

888Mr. Ed Welch. NAACP Figures. Ship: $200540.00

889Mr. Ed Welch. Black Athletes. Ship: $150600.00

890Mr. Ed Welch. 4 Works Featuring Singers. Ship: $2001,080.00

891Homemade Double-Sided Fiddle. Ship: $55240.00

892Pair Of Fantasy Fiddles. Ship: $55180.00

893Three Homemade Fiddles.  Ship: $65180.00

894Pair Of Metal Folk Fiddles. Ship: $55390.00

8953 Folky Box Musical Instruments. Ship: $65540.00

8963 Guitar-Like Instruments. Ship: $65180.00

897Five Autoharps. Ship: $75510.00

898Four Large Teaching Dojos. Ship: $85630.00

899Three Large Autoharps. Ship: $100300.00

9003 Folky Backwood Box Instruments. Ship: $55180.00

901Washtub Base. Ship: $150270.00

902Seven Handmade Fiddle Bows. Ship: $4530.00

903Three Banjo-Style Instruments. Ship: $75300.00

904Faux Banjo and Bed “Pandolin.” Ship: $6530.00

905Pair Of Fantasy Fiddle Horns. Ship: $55180.00

906Bettie Page. Semi-Nude Erotic Photos. Ship: $25480.00

907Albert Arthur Allen.  Human Figure.  Ship: $3560.00

908Marie Bluencheul. Nude. Ship: $3530.00

909Chas Kewiler. Semi-Nude on Tiger Rug. Ship: $3530.00

910Fredo (Attributed). Erotic Album Photo. Ship: $3560.00

911Marilyn Monroe. Jan 1955. Calendar Cover. Ship: $45120.00

912Paul Kurt Schnurr Kirchner.  Screw Mag Panels. Ship: $35210.00

913Paul Kurt Schnurr Kirchner. Screw Mag  Illustration. Ship: $55450.00

914Japanese Erotic Watercolor.  Ship: $4530.00

915Movie Poster. French Nudest Camp. Ship: $45300.00

916James Beyor. Blame Loop.  Ship: $45120.00

917Jan Dobkowski. Erotic Line Drawing. Ship: $35120.00

918Hal Kravis. Three Nudes. Ship: $551,200.00

919Hal Kravis. Child Turning Into Woman.  Ship: $55240.00

920S. Curtis. Fantasy Erotic Mythological. Ship: $3530.00

921S. Curtis. 3 Nude Women In Mystic Garden.  Ship: $35

922S. Curtis. Mythological Nude Scene.  Ship: $35

923S. Curtis. Erotic Grape Harvest.  Ship: $3530.00

924Erotic Nude Couple.  Ship: $5530.00

925Erotic. Ship: $5530.00

926Male & Female Wood Jointed Models.  Ship: $851,320.00

927Naughty Nellie Boot Jack. Ship: $25120.00

928Erotic Nutcrackers. Metal. Ship: $25180.00

929Lg Sweetgrass Basket w Attached Lid. Ship: $45180.00

930Annabelle Ellis. Sweetgrass Basket w Lid & Bowl.  Ship: $45330.00

931Patricia Jefferson & Matilda Smalls. Baskets. Ship: $45 150.00

932Jenny Ramon. Sacred Owl Basket.  Ship: $45120.00

933Betty Williams.Sweetgrass & 3 Mini Baskets. Ship: $3560.00

934Straw and Pine Needle Baskets. Ship: $3560.00

935Wounaan Basket. Parrots In Trees. Ship: $45390.00

936Darien Rain Forest Basket. Toucan & Butterflies. Ship: $25210.00

937Darien Rain Forest Basket. Butterflies &  Flowers.  Ship: $25210.00

938Darien Rain Forest Baskets. Parrot Baskets. Ship: $25270.00

939Darien Rain Forest Baskets. Leaf Foliage. Ship: $25240.00

940Memory Sewer Pipe. Ship: $100120.00

941Memory Crocks. Ship: $70150.00

942Wilson Biguad. Village Life By The River. Ship: $65660.00

943Wilson Biguad. Washing In Town’s River. Ship: $75720.00

944Jean Jacques. Village Women. Ship: $75960.00

945Adam Leontus. Village Day.  Ship: $65360.00

946M. Guerre. Fruit Market. Ship: $65

947Hugues Domond. Bull’s At Market. Ship: $200150.00

948Fritz Dominique. Fantasy Animals. Ship: $150240.00

949B. Byron. Fruit Tree Over Fish Full River.  Ship: $2001,800.00

950B. Byron. Long Winding Road. Ship: $55150.00

951A. Bloise. Tree Wonderland. Ship: $75360.00

952Lousanne St. Flourant. Women & Children. Ship: $1501,020.00

953Paul Jn.  Pierre. Voodoo Snakes. Ship: $150540.00

954Lafortune Felix. Ceremony. Ship: $65660.00

955M. Obin. Planting Season. Ship: $45300.00

956J.P. Merne. Cap Beach. Ship: $4530.00

957Hugues Domond. Market By The Sea. Ship: $150480.00

958D. Cayo. Voodoo Drums. Ship: $45180.00

959Jackson Lovinsky. Dreamy Lake. Ship: $45180.00

960E. Louisius. Haitian Couple In White.  Ship: $100540.00

961Ph. Latortue. Down By The Creek. Ship: $35300.00

962Emile Louis. Long Faces. Ship: $65180.00

963M. Guerre. Lady With Melons. Ship: $5530.00

964Cat In A Field Of Flowers.  Ship: $75240.00

965Pierrot Barra. Voodoo Cane. Ship: $65330.00

966Gelin Buteau. Serving The Devil. Ship: $55210.00

967Gelin Buteau. Lavie.  Ship: $55240.00

968Gelin Buteau. Mermaids. Ship: $55360.00

969Gelin Buteau. Monkey Man w Wine & Women. Ship: $3530.00

970Levoy Exil. Portrait On Blue Background. Ship: $55210.00

971Ambroise. Picking Flowers In A Field. Ship: $45480.00

972Guy Antoine. Haitian Rural Scene. Ship: $85150.00

973Gerald. Couple Meeting In The Forest. Ship: $55210.00

974Gerald. Riding The Big Chicken.  Ship: $45300.00

975Gerald. Voodoo Man.  Ship: $150450.00

976Gerald. Village Scene. Ship: $150300.00

977W. Stephen. Gathering Fruit In Forest.  Ship: $6590.00

978F. Sanon. Couple. Ship: $85960.00

979Nacius, Joseph. Eve With Snake & Apple. Ship: $7530.00

980Georges Liautaud. Les Sirenes (Mermaid). Ship: $451,080.00

981Murat Brièrre. Two Birds. Ship: $35480.00

982Many Haitian Artists. 15 Works. Ship: $100210.00

983Voodoo Flag. Pink Mermaid.  Ship: $35480.00

984Mexican Ex-Votos. Young Love. Ship: $35360.00

985Mexican Ex-Votos. 3 Works w Jesus. Ship: $35270.00

986Mexican Ex-Votos. 3 Bedroom Scenes. Ship: $35330.00

987Mexican Ex-Votos. Prayers for Farmers. Ship: $35330.00

988Mexican Ex-Votos. Night Scenes. Ship: $35360.00

989Mexican Ex-Votos. 3 Prayer’s for The Bull.  Ship: $35360.00

990Mexican Ex-Votos. Prayers for Horse Riders. Ship: $35330.00

991Mexican Ex-Votos. Four Works. Ship: $35420.00

992Mexican Ex-Votos. Four Prayers. Ship: $35300.00

993Mexican Ex-Votos. Life & Death Prayers. Ship: $35360.00

994Mexican Ex-Votos. 4 Prayers w Water Scenes. Ship: $35330.00

995Mexican Ex-Votos. Four Various Scenes. Ship: $35420.00

996Renato Rivera. Wedding In The Park. Ship: $55480.00

997Renato Rivera. Sacred Cross.  Ship: $5560.00

998J. Neils. Madonna & Child.  Ship: $3590.00

999Fernando Bimonte. La Paseja. Ship: $65540.00

1000Fernando Bimonte. La Noche De La Parka. Ship: $55240.00

1001Fernando Bimonte. Water Jug. Ship: $100360.00

1002Monk and St. Anglo Santos. Ship: $55300.00

1003Concepcion & Josefina Aguilar. Woman & Freida. Ship: $4590.00

1004Zeny Fuentes. Purple Lion w Wool Mane. Ship: $4590.00

1005Josefina Aguilar & Family. 7 Works.  Ship: $15090.00

1006Isabel Ojeda Hernandez. Colorful Gator. Ship: $85330.00

1007Sharon Garcia.  Arrow & waves vase.  Ship: $35390.00

1008Roberto Banuelas. Prong Horn Dec Bowl. Ship: $45300.00

1009R. Grey. Kachina Doll.  Ship: $3530.00

1010Andi Tsinajinnic. Ceremonial Dancer. Ship: $55120.00

1011Robin Willeto & E.I. Navajo Works.  Ship: $12560.00

1012Ron Rodrigues. Brown Bear.  Ship: $751,320.00

1013Mamie Deschillie. Giant Chicken & Rider. Ship: $10090.00

1014Mamie Deschillie. Spotted Cow w Pink Scarf. Ship: $85180.00

1015Mamie Deschillie. Cowboy And Horse.  Ship: $35150.00

1016Mamie Deschillie. Brown Cow.  Ship: $55150.00

1017Mamie Deschillie. Riding A Gator. Ship: $65120.00

1018Mamie Deschillie. Chicken. Ship: $45360.00

1019Marvin Jim. Coyote w Horned Toad Fussing. Ship: $55150.00

1020Anderson Johnson. Yeibichai. Ship: $45210.00

1021Lawrence Jacquez. Talking God & Evil Pleasures.  Ship: $65180.00

1022Harrison Juan. Navajo Figs w Coke Cans. Ship: $55660.00

1023Delbert Buck. Skunk Riding Patriotic Eagle. Ship: $85270.00

1024Delbert Buck. The Rabbit Hunter. Ship: $65120.00

1025Delbert Buck. Rez Rodeo.  Ship: $65240.00

1026N.E.D. Black Bear. Ship: $100240.00

1027Leland Holiday. Pair of Women.  Ship: $45120.00

1028Delbert Buck. Three Works. Ship: $125180.00

1029Saddling The Horse. Ship: $4590.00

1030Lulu Yazzie. Pair of Roosters & Hens. Ship: $100120.00

1031TX Chicano Prisoners. Eagle & Snake Panos. Ship: $25840.00

1032TX Chicano Prisoners. Black& White Panos. Ship: $25480.00

1033TX Chicano Prisoners. Four Panos.  Ship: $25900.00

1034Teagan McDonald. 8 Boxes & Crosses. Ship: $200150.00

1035Afghan War Rug. Tanks, Guns, & Planes. Ship: $451,200.00

1036J. Akdik. Soapstone Seal. Ship: $45360.00

1037Six Shona Carvings. Ship: $150120.00

1038Six Shona Figures. Ship: $200120.00

1039Ndale Wile & Musangi. 3 Shona Figures. Ship: $100240.00

1040Steve & Jeff Payne. Swordfish.  Buyer ships.660.00

1041Steve & Jeff Payne. Dolphin Fish.  Ship: $100300.00

1042J.L. Nipper. Long Gator. Ship: $200480.00

1043Kelly B. Moore. 7 Deadly Sins. Ship: $100120.00

1044Melelo. Children At The Dinner Table.  Ship: $6560.00

1045Melelo. Victorian Couple With Bread.  Ship: $75150.00

1046Morgan Hulsey. They Spoke With Tongues. Ship: $ 35120.00

1047Carolyn Mae Lassiter. Portrait. Ship: $8530.00

1048Carolyn Mae Lassiter. Walking The Dog.  Ship: $75120.00

1049David Tinsley. Temptation. Ship: $45600.00

1050David Tinsley. Initiating Nature.  Ship: $45360.00

1051St. James Boudrot. Clark Williams Obituary.  Ship: $85600.00

1052Calvin Livingston. Woman.  Ship: $15030.00

1053Calvin Livingston. Yellow Face.  Ship: $20060.00

1054Calvin Livingston. Hands On Head.  Ship: $20060.00

1055Roger Rice. The Club.  Ship: $4590.00

1056Roger Rice. Spike. Ship: $45210.00

1057Anderson Johnson. Abe Lincoln.  Ship: $65120.00

1058Anderson Johnson. Woman In Green. Ship: $35120.00

1059Jan Boyer. Dragonfly & Allism Pyramid. Ship: $65120.00

1060Jan Boyer. 3e Works - Faces Of Mars.  Ship: $85240.00

1061Jan Boyer. Dreamland & Untitled.  Ship: $65240.00

1062Juan A. Coleman. Dragon In The Sky. Ship: $4530.00

1063Loy Bowlin. Abstract.  Ship: $45420.00

1064C.W. Connor. Woman At The Well. Ship: $4590.00

1065G. Eggleston. Bird Houses. Ship: $200900.00

1066G. Eggleston. I Am An American. Ship: $150900.00

1067G. Eggleston. Voodoo Cemetery. Ship: $125360.00

1068G. Eggleston. Mickey Mouse Over NYC.  Ship: $65450.00

1069Andy Kane. New York Skyline. Ship: $35120.00

1070Andy Kane. Grand Central.  Ship: $75300.00

1071Jamie Nathenson. Isolation.  Ship: $3590.00

1072Michael Banks. George Washington. Ship: $75330.00

1073Michael Banks. Rabbit-Duck Man. Ship: $35450.00

1074Mark Anthony. Mulligan City Scene. Ship: $5590.00

1075Louis Vuittonet. Talk To Me.  Ship: $75150.00

1076Louis Vuittonet. 1943 N War. Ship: $75210.00

1077Louis Vuittonet. 3 Riders & Fish To Go. Ship: $35150.00

1078H.E Bayer. Fire Scene On Town Street. Ship: $45240.00

1079H.E Bayer. Driving The Cow Out. Ship: $45120.00

1080H.E Bayer. Horse & Buggy Day In OH. Ship: $4560.00

1081Rudy Bostic. Holy Father & Son. Ship: $7560.00

1082Rudy Bostic. Four Biblical Scenes. Ship: $7590.00

1083Rudy Bostic. Jesus On The Cross.  Ship: $5590.00

1084Dilmus Hall. Couple With Cherry Tree.  Ship: $35150.00

1085Dilmus Hall. Getting Aquainted. Ship: $3560.00

1086Dilmus Hall. I Tire My Pony (sic).  Ship: $3560.00

1087Michael Finster. Night Eyes.  Ship: $85300.00

1088Michael Finster. Cheetah. Ship: $65150.00

1089Lanell Taylor. Four Story Boxes. Ship: $8560.00

1090Willie White. New Orleans.  Ship: $55390.00

1091Willie White. Black and Blue Horses.  Ship: $55240.00

1092Willie White. Three Green Horses.  Ship: $100390.00

1093The Beaver. Even Dogs Go To Heaven.  Ship: $45180.00

1094The Beaver . Statue Of Liberty. Ship: $45210.00

1095The Beaver.  Self-Portrait. Ship: $3530.00

1096The Beaver. Win w The Eagle & Flag.  Ship: $45150.00

1097Willie Mae Tarver. Watermelon. Ship: $3530.00

1098Annie Tolliver. Me & My 3 Sisters.  Ship: $35300.00

1099Annie Tolliver. My Precious Mother. Ship: $55360.00

1100Kurt Zimmerman. Quality Company.  Ship: $75

1101Kurt Zimmerman. The Crab.  Ship: $7560.00

1102Kurt Zimmerman. Sting Ray In The Sea. Ship: $75120.00

1103Ralph Middleton. American Fugitive. Ship: $4530.00

1104Ralph Middleton. 21 Pieces. Ship: $4590.00

1105Sam Gant. Blue Shark.  Ship: $45300.00

1106Regina Broussard. Couple With Squirrel. Ship: $6560.00

1107Eddie Kendrick. Eagle Of God.  Ship: $35150.00

1108Eddie Kendrick. Holy Plane. Ship: $35150.00

1109Margaret Ovendon. The Flaming Tree.  Ship: $35360.00

1110Margaret Ovendon. Adam & Eve. Ship: $45270.00

1111Ricky Needham. Skinny Dipping. Ship: $65

1112Eric Cunningham. Hank Williams.  Ship: $85270.00

1113Paul Edelstein. Gathering Of Girls. Ship: $85720.00

1114Earl Simmons. Truck. Ship: $65120.00

1115Laverne Hamberlin. Woman With Fan.  Ship: $55300.00

1116Large Wooden Female Figure. Ship: $55180.00

1117Screaming Mohawk Man. Ship: $35150.00

1118Pair of Carved Birds. Ship: $45240.00

1119T.A.G.Multi-head Figure.    $90.00

1120Big Ball In Cage & Whimsies.   $540.00

1121J.B. Hobo Snake & Twig Ash Tray.   $60.00

1122Rail Road Conductors.   $720.00

1123Monopoly Game Board.    $240.00

1124Gary Matheson. Gun Slinger.   $900.00

1125Contortionist Carving.    $450.00

1126John Hitunen. Pair of Totems.    $120.00

1127Snake Box.    $120.00

1128Black Bear Head.   $330.00

1129Baltimore Glassman. Statue Of Liberty.   $600.00

1130Ruby Williams. Cat Fish Baby Girl.   $180.00

1131Ruby Williams. The Way You Fight.    $210.00

1132Ruby Williams. Come Over To My Place.   $30.00

1133Joe Light. Red Tulip.   $90.00

1134Joe Light. God Gambled.    $240.00

1135Joe Light. Plant With Blue Flower.    $150.00

1136Evelyn Gibson. The Boxers.   $90.00

1137Edna Armour. Supper At Grandma’s.    $210.00

1138Edna Armour. Monday Morning Washday.    $210.00

1139Sarah Mary Taylor. 14 Works.   $180.00

1140Phil Zellmer. Bears & Trout.   $90.00

1141Willie Jinks. Red Bird & Girl w Snake.  $480.00

1142Willie Jinks. Three Red Birds.   $330.00

1143Mirrors, Lamps, Match Box &  Frames.   $300.00

1144Adkins, Money, Rodriguez & Yazzie. Grouping.   $540.00

1145Harry Caswell. Fantasy Fish Displays.   $180.00

1146Edd Lambdin. Coffin & Monkey Rider.    $690.00

1147Phil Zellmer. 3 Wallmount Trophy Heads.   $660.00

1148High Hat Package Store Sign.   $480.00

1149W.A. Holsonbock. Head Board, Rails & Footboard.   $120.00

1150 W.A. Holsonbock. High Boy Secretary & Shelves.  $60.00

1151  The Charbroiled Artist. Portrait Of Steve Slotin. $120.00

1152. box lot Benny Carter $3,120.00

Grand Total: 1,017,825.00