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April 25-26, 2015  (Consignment form)
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November 14-15, 2015 (consignments accepted through August)
M.L. O'Kelley

M.L. O'Kelley

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November 8-9, 2014
Fall Masterpiece Auction

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1,135 Lots of Self-Taught Art, Southern Folk Pottery, Outsider Art, Decoys, International Art, Contemporary Art & Antique and Anonymous Folk Art

Spring Masterpiece Auction
Delta Blues To Visual Blues

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Thank you for participating in the the April 26-27, 2014 auction.  At over $1,000,000, it was one of the highest grossing Slotin Auctions to date.  Some Highlights include Lot 135. The Iconic Sam Doyle St. Helena's First Blak Midwife (sic) from the Rosenak collection which sold on the phone after some high-spirited bidding for $204,000.  Also, a crowd favorite, Lot 141, William Hawkins Rider On Horseback found a new home for $43,200.  The anonymous items were very popular, especially lot 126, The Sugar Chest in the Shape Of A Desk, $36,000.  The oversized intricate drawing by Chris Hipkiss sold for $19,200.  Mattie Lou O'Kelley's Hurry home realized $18,600.  The rare Herman Bridgers Two Churchmen brought $13,200, as did a pair of Cheever Meaders Indian Motiff Whiskey Jugs.  Other items of note include pair of decorated Lee Godie photographs ($11,400), Myrtice West Revelations ($11,400), Minnie Evans Soloman's Temple ($11,400), Clementine Hunter's Melrose Plantation Quilt ($10,080).  Nellie Mae Rowe's House and Sister Gertrude Morgan's Fan each brought $9,600.  And the list goes on...

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